Wednesday, 4 February 2015


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 150202 - yesterday's tweets as a single page

#NHS paying locum doctors £1,760 a day to cover chronic staff shortages - shows real cost of false economies - "lists #warrantcanaries we know about, tracks changes or disappearances of canaries" (v @csoghoian @fabiochiusi)

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership: An Accident Report - offers good analysis of why #TTIP is in trouble

A Fresh Start for TTIP - thoughts on how to save #TTIP from meltdown: #ISDS "should be dropped from the proposal"

Can we have medical privacy, cloud computing and genomics all at the same time? - not easily.... (v @williamheath)

MPs attack officials over Hinchingbrooke privatisation "debacle" - "It isn’t rocket science" #NHS

To Counter Mass #Surveillance, "SOS": Secure #OpenSource - impressive report from STOA; wise recommendations #crypto

La protection du secret des affaires préoccupe aussi l'UE - this is v troubling

France fera-t-elle revenir l’Europe sur son accord controversé avec le Canada? - better late than never #CETA #ISDS

NYPD Commissioner: Because Terrorism And Protests Are Roughly The Same Thing, A New Special Unit Will Handle Both -

#TTIP: Neue Schiedsgerichte – auch für Produktstandards - this is #ISDS on steroids

Regulatory cooperation: perhaps boring, but #TTIP storm on the horizon - "A surreal institutionalisation of lobbying"

Conservationists v chainsaws: #RSPB's battle to save an Indonesian rainforest - inspiring project; hope it succeeds

Watch 50 Years of Korean Cinema Free from the Korean Film Archive - nice #kr

Over 300 businesses now whitelisted on AdBlock Plus, 10% pay to play - what next?

More Press Coverage From the Danish Media About #EPO Abuses and Protest at Danish Consulate -

Commission must progress lorries redesign after governments sign off - lorry cos. put profits before people - shame

.@nitot Au revoir #Mozilla - "an issue that’s annoying me for several years: online #privacy and mass #surveillance"

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