Wednesday, 4 February 2015


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 150203 - yesterday's tweets as a single page

How US forced #Australia to rewrite aspects of #copyright law during certification of compliance with AUSFTA - #TPP

Germany's Spies Grab 11 Billion Pieces Of Phone Metadata A Year -- And Pass On 6 Billion To The NSA - metadata kills

#TISA: leak reveals secret talks to promote health “tourism” & privatisation - important: this will undermine #NHS

#TTIP – Was das Freihandelsabkommen dem Mittelstand und den Verbrauchern bringt - anecdotal - & about cars - *again*

#TISA: Leak uncovers secret discussions that undermine access to health care - "creation of a two-tier health system"

Stop the Trojan treaty, 04/02/15 - impressive pix #TTIP

#DataRetention – what’s at stake? - excellent run-down of all that's wrong with the idea #AU

Existing & future protections threatened by #TTIP - "100 civil society orgs call to scrap 'regulatory cooperation'"

Syriza Official Vows to Kill EU-US Trade Deal as 'Gift to All European People' - #TTIP

#TTIP Update L - new leak reveals 3-person tribunal whose ruling "shall be unconditionally accepted" by EU & US

UK gov: Open consultation on Implementation of Collective Rights Management Directive - views welcomed #copyright

If Pinocchio Were Trying to Sell a Controversial Trade Deal - why claims that #TPP brings 600K jobs are just not true

"#TTIP deep into regulatory & standards territories where win-win outcomes not likely" - great analysis (v @snlester)

"not possible to create a bumper simultaneously takes pedestrian safety & head-on collision safety as equally important in manufacturing"

"If the #TTIP chooses, it will automatically privilege one side over the other" - can't even remove NTBs for cars...

Even As Copyright Office Has Called For Shorter Copyright, USTR Tries Locking US Into Longer Terms -

#TTIP could leave Europeans sick - bound to: pharma wants 2 "extend patent terms & increase data exclusivity periods"

"#TTIP could also endanger EU’s recent achievements in clinical trial data transparency. If trade secret protection is included" #opendata

Alibaba Drones Fly Over Beijing as Amazon Seeks U.S. Test - #alibaba keeps keeps moving ahead of the West...

Miles of segregated cycle superhighways approved in #London - fab news

Segregated cycle superhighways set for go-ahead in #London - if @TheLTDA fight this, I'll be encouraging use of @Uber

campaign success - but is TfL's own board a threat to the superhighways? - need a big public campaign to shame them

I’ve seen the secrets of #TTIP, and it is built for corporations not citizens - wow: hugely important post by MEP

meet Tony, the truck stop tiger dividing Louisiana - what a cruel. selfish - & stupid - egotist

Don't expect groundbreaking news from the latest #TTIP negotiations - OK, I won't....

French Senate tells #TTIP negotiators to ‘abolish’ #ISDS - " France's upper house unanimously adopted resolution" #fr

NGOs demand Commission justify axing of Circular Economy - or is this an evidence-free diktat from @TimmermansEU?

EPA: Keystone Pipeline would emit a billion extra tons of greenhouse gases - just unacceptable

 #TTIP: Food safety chapter focuses only on resources "necessary" for expanding trade
- a crazy perspective

Analysis of EU Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures of #TTIP "Once approved, accepted everywhere" - race to bottom

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