Friday, 13 February 2015


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 150211 - yesterday's tweets as a single page

Shell boss calls fossil fuel critics 'naive' - cynical appropriation of poverty, trying to stave off #disinvestment

Groser needs to explain why NZ must keep #TPP secret while EU releases TTIP documents - something to hide, clearly

Stop the privatisation of protest - appalling

Political Meltdown In #Macedonia Shows Destabilizing Effect of Massive Government Surveillance - amazing saga

EU-Kommissar Ansip spricht sich gegen Netzneutralit√§t aus - I hope he was misquoted, and not this foolish

#TTIP's "cultural exception" may not be enough to safeguard culture & education - good to see @HelgaTruepel is on it

Studierende gegen #TTIP und #CETA: Mehr als 6.400 Unterschriften gesammelt! - nice idea

PeerJ launch of new journal PeerJ Computer Science - last week, but worth saying again

Net Gain: A Watershed Moment to Protect the Free and Open Web - #mozilla

„Sie wollen das letzte Geheimnis“ -!154560/ so much for freedom and democracy... #crypto

Announcing The Copia Institute: A New Business Network & Think Tank Exploring Ideas In Abundance -

#Fracking will be allowed under national parks, UK decides - #tories just have no shame. Conservatism? What's that?

FCC's Ajit Pai: By Making Sure The Internet Is Open & Free... It Will Inspire North Korea And Cuba To Censor - huh?

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