Wednesday, 30 October 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 131028 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

How #NSA Spying On Angela Merkel May Scuttle #TAFTA/#TTIP Trade Agreement - interesting collateral effects

RT @jamie_love USTR wants more corporate influence on setting of EU rules on environment and health. #TTIP>> says Mullaney /cc @MimicaEU

MT @EU_TTIP_team  EU chief negotiator: "In #TTIP negotiations right to regulate will not be compromised">>but US wants to regulate EU too

#ODI global network announced - good to see #opendata spreading around the world

RT @jamie_love At some point the public reaction to the investor state provisions in #ttip will go nuclear.>>yes: #ISDS is the new #ACTA

Italy Plans 2 Wipe Out Pirate Sites & Expose Owners - who cares about proportionality or due process? (v @Asher_Wolf)

Datenschutz: CSU-Politiker will Safe-Harbor-Pakt mit Washington kündigen - so it continues (v @jwildeboer)

#Russia's Leading Social Network #VKontakte Cleared Of Copyright Infringement - well, well, well

Extent of Peruvian Amazon lost to illegal goldmines mapped for first time - the curse of #gold #peru

Bundestag wants to question #Snowden over US eavesdropping - now that would be interesting #de

#Eclipse Foundation Creates European Subsidiary to Support Growing #Opensource Community - excellent news

Real Lesson of #NSA: If Your Power Depends on Insiders vs. Outsiders, Time for Plan B - excellent, hopeful analysis

Derivatives dispute harming EU-US free-trade talks - more problems for #TAFTA/#TTIP

#China to negotiate upgraded FTA with ASEAN - counterpoise to #TPP?

British journalists lock each other up and throw away the key - a truly dispiriting spectacle #surveillance

Hunt loses legal battle as hospital cuts ruled illegal - shows UK gov want to destroy #NHS, even when it works well

Froman & #TPP: Not all demands will be met - translation: we're going to force our demands on everyone else, so tough

Roman eagle found by archaeologists in City of #London - wow; amazing that stuff like this can still be found

Froman pushing Congress to finalize #TPP - wants Fast Track to push it through without scrutiny... #transparency

U.S. Says France, Spain Aided #NSA Spying - lovely to see them squabbling among themselves (v @kaatje36)

California Regulators Startled To Learn Of Offshore #Fracking - coming to beach near you...

#NSA-Spähaffäre: Frankreich will USA bei Wirtschaftsspionage übertrumpfen - competitive spying; I can't wait...

#NSA Officials Admit: 'We're Screwed Now' After Feinstein's Statement - ha!

#Adobe Breach: 38 Million Users - only? oh, maybe not: "150 million username and hashed password pairs" (v @timbray)

anti-#fracking protests could stop drilling in UK - "but protesters to also campaign for #renewable alternatives"

Obama orders curbs on #NSA spying on U.N. headquarters - but the little people can just get lost

#NSA Officials Livid That White House Is Pretending It Didn't Know About Spying On Foreign Leaders - lovely to see

Phone records given to #NSA by European intelligence, officials say - this is such fun to watch...

Access Info and ALTER EU launched a petition calling for full lobby #transparency in Brussels - important stuff

IsoHunt Resurrected Less Than Two Weeks After $110 Million MPAA Deal - strange how that always happens...

#Africa may be the next factory to the world - almost a certainty, I would have thought.. (v @africatechie)

How NSA’s surveillance state could define Obama’s presidency - "Obama administration wants TTIP badly" (v @normative)

.@VivianeRedingEU:"There are challenges to get it [#TTIP] done and there are issues that will easily derail it" -

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