Tuesday, 1 October 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130930 - http://bit.ly/1aGHr87 yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

The Netflix Law - http://bit.ly/18nrALA fascinating analysis of proposal to put #DRM in #HTML from #EU perspective

MPs have missed the mark in attacking #copyright reform - http://bit.ly/1fETngJ hargreaves replies to attack (v @DrRimmer @AusLawReform)

 Former #NSA chief: western intelligence agencies must be more transparent - http://bit.ly/1dTseT6 "show a lot more leg" (v @IanBrownOII)

US Ambassador To The UN Says #WIPO Too Biased Against IP Holders - http://bit.ly/17mzgOn huh?

Forget Climate Change, We Must Prepare for a Catastrophic Climate Breakdown - http://bit.ly/16cqMJI yes: climate change is delusional...

#EPO Study: 39% of EU jobs depend on intellectual property rights - http://bit.ly/1dTuERE total rubbish: definitions are ridiculously broad

re #EPO study: would be more correct to say 39% of jobs are tainted by intellectual monopolies...

Another wall tumbles: The Dallas Morning News dismantles its #paywall, tries to sell premium features instead - http://bit.ly/19Tmwxz

#Badger cull: the police and NFU are losing the battle - http://bit.ly/1bo4kSf the cull has failed: drop it now

After switching 37,000 PCs to #Ubuntu, French Armed Forces says open source cuts costs 40 percent - http://bit.ly/1506y58 (v Paul Newport)

Kiwi celebs call for release of the #TPP text - http://bit.ly/1eW6hpn adding their voices #nz

Brazilian Patent Law Report - http://bit.ly/17n1V60 good to have #brazil

#NSA-Kritiker Trojanow: Deutscher Schriftsteller darf nicht in die USA einreisen - http://bit.ly/GzGGDG US becomes USSR (v @LukasKawerau)

#Russia’s Facebook Prepares YouTube-Style Anti-Piracy Filter - http://bit.ly/19SzYAC no surprise really #vKontakte

Scientists who attacked #EU chemicals policy had industry ties - http://bit.ly/1dTRYi8 really not acceptable

I Was Detained and Interrogated at an Airport Under Anti-Terror Law - http://bit.ly/170UmP0 disgraceful bullying by #ukba

Feds Targeted #Snowden’s Email Provider the Day After NSA Whistleblower Went Public - http://bit.ly/1fZT6Tf #lavabit

 EUMS INT und INTCEN: Die Geheimdienste der Europ√§ischen Union - http://bit.ly/15GwkxK fascinating #EU

One meteorologist explains why he won’t fly again - http://bit.ly/150GPcR & denialists think scientists are involved in some conspiracy...

Google #France’s $81 million media boost - http://bit.ly/1fFPc4y "Snow Fall” project as an e.g. of kind of innovation he would like to see"

the Government Shutdown [as it might have been reported elsewhere] - http://slate.me/18oTkiG this is well done (v @KattyKayBBC @superglaze)

#NSA Storing Internet Data, Social Networking Data, on Pretty Much Everybody - http://bit.ly/19flQGr "looking shiftier and shiftier."

full AMA with @ggreenwald - http://bit.ly/1c1kss8 worth reading: "There are definitely huge new stories to come: many more" #nsa #snowden

Furloughed Federal Workers Can't Check Their Email. But Don't Worry, The #NSA Can Still Check Yours - http://bit.ly/1hiOq94 that's a relief

The Best From @ggreenwald ’s AMA: The British Gov Lied, The #NSA’s Vision, And What’s Coming Next - http://tcrn.ch/16F4iDG good summary

Apparently, The Real Problem For #Journalism Is Single Welfare Mothers Who Don't Speak English - http://bit.ly/1hiQcac utterly bonkers

BBC coverage of IPCC climate report criticised 4 sceptics' airtime - http://bit.ly/GzFXDB #BBC is just dire (v @james_randerson @Glinner)

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