Tuesday, 29 October 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 131027 - http://bit.ly/1eYS4FN yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

El Gobierno pedirá explicaciones hoy a EEUU por supuesto espionaje - http://mun.do/1hmiDXB #spain joins the #NSA club

Reflections On Long Fight Against The Copyright Monopoly – & What You Can Do - http://bit.ly/1eYTwYL words matter; choose them carefully

Tiananmen Square on lockdown after vehicle careens into crowd, bursts into flame - http://bit.ly/1cm1m0Y #china

EU to push ahead on data protection despite UK opposition - http://bit.ly/1dCszfB hugely important #DPR

Rhetoric Over Climate’s Role In Australian Bushfires Heats Up As Blazes Burn On - http://bit.ly/1dgInSp denialists say: just let it burn #au

Trans-Atlantic Free Trade Agreement (#TAFTA/#TTIP) - http://bit.ly/1bun2Tr lots of useful resources and links

"US-Internetkonzerne konnten ihr Glück über Merkels Schützenhilfe kaum fassen." - http://bit.ly/1dh7Hrv what doesn't she get about this?

Spain summons US ambassador over claim #NSA tracked 60m calls/month - http://bit.ly/1iooZmT the thanks #spain gets for being so compliant?

The UK tops the 2013 #opendata index but how do other countries compare? - http://bit.ly/1ato1TQ good to see, more to do

Embassy Espionage: The NSA's Secret Spy Hub in Berlin - http://bit.ly/1bsUPfJ detailed & important

President Obama Says He Had No Idea His Own #NSA Was Spying On Angela Merkel - http://bit.ly/1aka6TH alexander & clapper must go

Open Clinical Trials: Please Write to Your Health Minister Now - http://bit.ly/1aAOJvv important EU meeting soon - pl. help #opendata

Sondersitzung am 18. November: Bundestag berät über #NSA-Affäre - http://bit.ly/192irZV but will it lead anywhere?

Vkontakte’s Pavel Durov: “Big Brother”-Like #Surveillance Can Be Conquered By Technology - http://tcrn.ch/1g6V6e7 let's hope #nsa

.@ClaudeMoraesMEP statement explaining the reasons for the MEPs' trip to US over #NSA spying - http://bit.ly/1aOYZ03 #DPR

Chilean Presidential Candidate Michelle Bachelet Recommends Review of #TPP Scope and Obligations - http://bit.ly/1eZM7bu better do it soon

#Spain warns US of breakdown in trust after new #NSA revelations - http://bit.ly/1didP2R of course, but what does that mean in practice?

UK gov: "If newspapers don't demonstrate social responsibility difficult for government not to act" - http://reut.rs/18v6YOp what a cheek

Why Proprietary Big Data Technologies Have No Hope Of Competing With Hadoop - http://bit.ly/16EAkzh for all the usual good reasons

Database hacking spree on US Army, NASA, and others costs gov’t millions - http://bit.ly/17TQY95 I doubt it; you can't "steal" data...

RT @jonallendc  "The president has full confidence in General Alexander" --@PressSec >>they're doomed when people say that (v @csoghoian)

Cameron makes veiled threat on NSA & GCHQ leaks - http://bit.ly/1aBRbC5 does he really think silencing Guardian will stop others elsewhere?

Introducing the #Mozilla Location Service - http://mzl.la/1dEE0TZ "based on publicly observable cell tower and WiFi access info" (v @nitot)

BBC coverage criticised for favouring climate change sceptics - http://bit.ly/1hnyqp1 what a sad spectacle the #BBC has become

pic of the week: Alp Grüm - http://bit.ly/16EStwW wow, that is glorious (v @BoingBoing)

the trouble with Google Glass is that it comes from a prelapsarian time Before #Snowden, when questions about #privacy were still unanswered

Bosporus-Tunnel: Nächster Halt: Asien - http://bit.ly/19Nyiex I can't wait to ride this... #tr #silkroad

Белый дом: США регулярно требуют выдачи #Сноудена - http://bit.ly/1ipwdak vlad must be getting really bored with them...

Mexican vigilantes take on drug cartels - and worry authorities - http://bit.ly/1ipwDh2 is this the future...?

Revenge Porn Is Bad. Criminalizing It Is Worse - http://wrd.cm/1aC7xe5 interesting point about existing legal recourse (v @maira)

I've just written to my MP about this - http://bit.ly/HpcAUN & - http://bit.ly/1aAOJvv perhaps you could too, pl? https://www.writetothem.com/

#NSA spying has nothing to do with terrorism" - http://cnn.it/17t63SD "Every terrorist capable of tying their own shoes has long known"

callous cos. opposed Marrakesh treaty for the #blind - http://keionline.org/node/1821 incl. BT, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Oracle, Red Hat??? #shame

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