Friday, 18 October 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 131016 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Government to make it easier to shut hospitals without full consultation - can't let the public have a say #nhs

#papuanewguinea's Govt must defend sovereignty over seabed mining - neocolonialism at work? #PNG

Right to slam #TPP talks secrecy - time to release the draft #NZ

Working open: 7 recommendations from #Mozilla - so how about some openness on its position on #DRM in #HTML5?

Extent of spies' mass surveillance to be investigated by parliamentary body - that's good - provided not a whitewash

Understanding corporate networks: Control via equity - "complex network of related legal entities connected together"

.@opencorporates is hiring - Community and Communications Manager (#OpenData)

Latest #Snowden Leak Shows #NSA's Involvement In US Drone-Based Assassination Program - blood on the keyboard

.@MikeTaylor: Saying goodbye to Twitter - "The problem is not that Twitter is trivial — it’s precisely the opposite."

Harper à Bruxelles pour conclure l’accord de libre-échange Canada-UE - so release the text immediately #CETA

Studying the slow processes of galaxy evolution through bars - more #galaxyzoo goodness #openscience

Republican party's 'humiliating' defeat raises prospects of lasting party split - interesting analysis

Civil rights groups call on European Parliament to vote for strong data protection rules - impressive line-up #eudpr

Russian email provider fined after refusing to give up customer data - well done

100% basic broadband coverage achieved across Europe - laudable, but vitiated without strong data protection rights

Badger cull falls short of its target in Gloucestershire - they moved the goalposts again... #pathetic #paterson

Press Freedom: The state goes for everyone - "conservative editors are as politically naïve as liberals are" #uk

”Regolamento Italiano #Copyright minaccia libertà di informazione ed espressione nella UE” - not good #it

Oakland Is Building a Big Data Center For #Police #Surveillance - what could possibly go wrong?

Canada-EU trade deal: Sell-out or celebration? Public needs a veto on massive corporate rights treaty - #ISDS problem

UK Committee widens inquiry into #gchq surveillance - public submissions allowed? -

SecureDrop is #opensource whistleblower support system, originally written by Aaron Swartz - @Bruce_Schneier involved

How the #NSA and FBI foil weak oversight - sharp analysis from @YochaiBenkler

Why Pierre Omidyar decided to join forces with Glenn Greenwald for a new venture in news - useful background info

#TAFTA/#TTIP: "Obama administration wants to weaken the EU’s chemical regulatory system, known as REACH." -

"magic terrorist catching machine" that was 99.9% accurate "would be still be useless" here's why: #falsepositives

 Neuseeland: Mann beantragt Asyl wegen drohender Klimakatastrophe - wow #climatechange

Is #Facebook The World's Largest #OpenSource Company? - would be impossible using proprietary software

New EU rules to curb transfer of data to US after #Snowden revelations - some good things, but plenty of loopholes

An all-American puppet show: #TPP and medicines - "TRIPS-plus provisions in the TPPA will raise costs of medicines"

ISDS: ACTA by the Back Door? - & why #NSA is an ally in the fight for #TAFTA/#TTIP transparency

#TAFTA/#TTIP - trade, Internet and democracy - video of my talk in Berlin last week #ISDS #transparency

Dianne Feinstein Is Simply Wrong In Claiming #NSA Dragnet Would Have Been Helpful In Stopping 9/11 - important

#CETA: "Ottawa has had to also concede to extend patent protection for brand-name drugs" - bad news (v @mgeist)

Scientists reject Owen Paterson's reason for missed #badger targets - #pathetic #paterson talking utter rot as usual

European Court of Justice rules in favour of greater #transparency of the Council of the EU - great news for openness

It’s the climate, not the oil spill - bitter truths; this affidavit is also good:

Get the #Ubuntu 13.10 - saucy stuff

 Erdölsuche: Firmen starten zu Probebohrungen vor Kanarischen Inseln - folly from every viewpoint

IsoHunt Agrees To Shut Down And 'Pay' $110 Million - a trophy victory, nothing more...

#NSA snooping exposed by #Snowden breaches international law, experts say - but will they care? (v @sivavaid)

“Find and Replace” Across An Entire Genome - interesting stuff #dna #genomics

The State of #OpenScience - interesting visual representation (v @phylogenomics)

Feds Sued for Hiding #NSA Spying From Terror Defendants - could get interesting

My Visit With #Snowden - "a lawyer on retainer and no electronics". interesting snippets about his stay in Russia

repealing carbon tax, Abbott is failing to protect his people - history will not be kind (v @Lee_Tennant @Asher_Wolf)

"#Snowden added that inside the spy agency “there’s a lot of dissent — palpable with some, even.” - (v @trevortimm)

"the vote [on data protection] could be further delayed if the United States intervened" - no bullying, of course

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