Friday, 25 October 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 131023 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

MT @Marcvanderham Kroes on #netneutrality "specialized services necessary 4 innovation, allowed under tight constraints">>no, that's rubbish

In #London, a Rising Silicon-Upon-Thames - UK gov should take note and update copyright laws accordingly

Drug industry can profit from clinical-trial data openness, say leading regulators - excellent points by #EMA

#FGM: 'It's like neutering animals' – the film that is changing #Kurdistan - hopeful signs of change

 How #NSA-Proof Are #VPN Providers? - good question

"#Merkel was said by informed sources in Germany to be "livid" over the reports" over US spying - finally takes note

#Nsa e Italia, le contraddizioni del governo - hilarious: #italy tries to have it both ways (v @fabiochiusi)

With crime rates plunging, the police are pouncing on innocents instead — & attacking freedom - hugely important pt.

EU Data Protection Proposal Gets Stronger, But With Big Loopholes - better but not good enough #dpr

EU-wide #whistleblower protection law rejected - European Commission has something to hide? (v @astroehlein @asteris)

Who is WikiLeaks' Sarah Harrison really? - good background on key #snowden individual (v  ‏@jmcest)

Bell: Users Want to Be Monitored, Profiled & Tracked - where #DRM in #HTML5 takes us: unblockable ads (v @ralpost)

Anger Growing Among Allies on U.S. Spying - useful summary (v @ggreenwald)#nsa

L'Elysée veut "relancer la lutte contre le piratage" en Europe - has #sarkozy taken over #hollande's body? #copyright

Spähvorwürfe: SPD stellt Freihandelsgespräche mit USA in Frage - important: linking #NSA spying with #TAFTA/#TTIP

Russell Brand vs. Jeremy Paxman on Newsnight 2013 - this is spectacular: don't miss...

Pour #Hadopi, rien ne prouve une remontée du piratage - well, there you go

 File-Sharing Site Was A Year-Long Pirate Honeypot - sneaky

BMI: “Etliche Vorwürfe, die von Herrn Snowden in den Raum gestellt wurden, sind nicht mit Substanz anzureichern” -

3… 2… 1… MozFest! - hitting #london soon... #mozilla

 EU-Gipfel: Hollande und Merkel vereint im Zorn auf Obama - this could be fun #nsa

Texas Judge Forced To Resign After Being Caught Texting Instructions To Assistant DA During Trial - whoops

Data protection: France, UK lead rival camps at summit - UK spoiling things as usual #DPR

Canadians sue spy agency over mass data collection - good to see #canada

#Firefox community roiled by #Java crackdown - seems sensible #security

AARP to Obama Administration: #TPP Should Not Require 12 Years of Data Exclusivity for Biologic Drugs -

US "sought to block the Colombia/KEI #opensource #cancer diagnostics prize fund proposal" - profits before patients

Swedish Museums freely sharing images from their collections - hej #cc #se

Chinese Newspaper Defies Censors, Publishes Front-Page Call for Journalist's Release - brave

Dame Helen Ghosh, your #fracking remark was ill-informed and incoherent - go on, tell us what you really think

Call Yourself a Hacker, Lose Your 4th Amendment Rights - what happens when people use the wrong words...

What Does #OpenAccess Mean To You? - "another means of furthering the human right to know what is known”. yup.

Infamous Viral 'Goblin Toppler' Video Taken Down In Copyright Claim - wow, ridiculous at just about ever level

Lessons from the Summer of #Snowden - looks interesting (v @raycorrigan)#privacy #secrecy

"everyone else perceives Londoners as thinking they are better than everyone else; it's because we do" - er, true...

The Real 'Danger' Of Snowden & Manning: The US Can't Get Away With Its Powerful Hypocrisy Anymore - significant point

#NSA monitored calls of 35 world leaders after US official handed over contacts - & here are some more...

"The UK is leading the charge against [Data Protection]" - shameful sabotage of European privacy

To increase women’s participation, they added a beauty pageant - </facepalm> (v @Asher_Wolf #IGF2013

#TPP: It Gives Big Content New Tools to Undermine Sane Digital Rights Policies - good post on #ISDS #TAFTA/#TTIP

RT @mathewi #Facebook's Rapidly Declining Popularity With Teens In 1 Chart  via @HuffPostTech >>wow

Antigua Platform To Monetise Suspended US IP Rights From WTO Case - "offering unprotected US content" (v @maira)

Tony Blair: 'I am good at absorbing others' pain' - evidently, given the amount of suffering he caused in #iraq

Empire of digital chip meets nemesis - the technology's fine, clueless politicians are the problem

Trademark Bully Jenzabar Ordered To Pay $500,000 In Attorney Fees Over Unrelenting Attack On Documentary Filmmakers -

European Parliament Presdient: EU should reconsider free trade negotiations with US - #TAFTA/#TTIP under threat?

Datagate, così ci spiano Stati Uniti e Gran Bretagna - here come the revelations about spying on #Italy's politicians

Merkel: US spying has shattered allies' trust - "undermined crucial trans-Atlantic relationship" (v @jackschofield)

Europeans must have their privacy safeguarded from US surveillance - writes @ClaudeMoraesMEP

Cartographers of the #Commons - good to see the commons becoming, er, common (v @EllnMllr)

#Amazon hits 109,800 employees, passing #Microsoft’s headcount for the first time - one of those moments

More scrutiny of the #TPP trade pact - er, there hasn't been any, actually... #transparency

A (relatively easy to understand) primer on elliptic curve #cryptography - nicely done

Will a Secretive #TPP Ban GMO Labeling? - it could, through #ISDS; same is true for #TAFTA/#TTIP (v @danielbyrnes)

#Wikipedia Fights Back Against Socking - a wise move

"seems to be minimal acknowledgement about concern other countries have about the rights of their citizens." - #NSA

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