Saturday, 26 October 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 131024 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Asian Development Bank voices concern over #TPP agenda - as do many others

release #TPP text before the meeting in December -  "Demand a seat at the table for Australian consumers." #epetition

 IGF cybersecurity fail: website leaks personal data with aid of participants - #IGF is a joke (v @asteris)

IG Metall on #TAFTA/#TTIP [pdf] - "the effects appear to be very marginal."

Trade Agreements Are Designed To Give Companies Corporate Sovereignty - putting them above the law #TPP #TAFTA/#TTIP

#NSA spied on the Italian government and military - so what about #spain? (v @ro0ted @kaatje36)#italy

L’NSA ha registrato 46 milioni di metadati telefonici in #Italia - mica male...

Germany and France demand talks with US over #NSA spying revelations - words, words, words: and then?

EU: "intelligence gathering is a vital element in the fight against terrorism" [pdf] - a bit stale as an excuse, no?

No, Greater Manchester Police Haven’t Seized “The UK’s First 3D-Printed Gun” - who cares about facts? (v @superglaze)

#Brazil Grapples with the Problem of Software Patents - & does it with style #swpats

Rajoy da instrucciones para convocar al embajador de EE UU por el espionaje - the pain in #Spain begins... #NSA

Congressional oversight of the #NSA is a joke. I should know, I'm in Congress - pretty damning

Snowden Rebuts Sen. Feinstein's Claims That NSA's Metadata Collection Is 'Not Surveillance' - quibblers, all of them

We’ve Reached “The End of #Antibiotics, Period” - this is terrifying, and it's all down to people's greed & stupidity

White House official pens op-ed urging 'greater focus' in foreign surveillance - pity UK government can't do the same

New press freedom law to open up town halls - kudos to the UK gov for doing this (v @bbw1984)#transparency

Did Conservative MP Julian Smith endanger national security? - ha! the biter bit... #gchq

"proposals include 'drop'  or 'withdraw' proposals on environmental impact assessments" - will be in #TAFTA/#TTIP

#Путин возглавит совет при президенте по науке и образованию  - huh? so Vlad's a scientist too...? #russia

3 more eagles confirmed shot - these maltese "hunters" are just scum (v @LifeinSicily)#malta

The erosion of the transatlantic trust -  interesting analysis #nsa

Leaked memos reveal #GCHQ efforts to keep mass surveillance secret - "could lead to legal challenges": you bet, mate

"agency's long fight against making intercept evidence admissible as evidence in criminal trials" - this is not about security, as claimed

The #NSA's internal inquiry about the Elysée hacking revealed - lots of interesting details #france

#NSA Defender Argues That Too Much Transparency Defeats The Purpose Of Democracy - riiight

Fly Through 17th Century #London - nice

"favorite cry of US government apologists falls impotent in face of this sort of ubiquitous, suspicionless spying" -

Royal Mail sell-off advisers allocated millions of shares - "no possibility of a conflict of interest"; sure.

EU Summit: Merkel's Delicate Dance over Spying Allegations - highly negative assessment of EU (v @CasparBowden)#DPR

Major New Anti-#NSA Bill Dropping Next Week With Powerful Support - the details

BIG Lottery Fund #transparency in grant making with colossal data release - fab (v @shirleyayres @Rchards)#opendata

US Intelligence Effectively Admits That, Despite Earlier Statements, They Don't Think Snowden Gave Docs To Russians -

LinkedIn ‘Intro’duces Insecurity - wow; I can't believe #linkedin is this stupid (v @sivavaid)

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