Thursday, 24 October 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 131022 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Facebook removes beheading video - episode represents a massive failure of judgment by #facebook...

Scientists’ Ties to Food Industry Raise Questions in EU - #EFSA's appalling conflicts of interest (v @marianne_falck)

European Commission: #ACTA Is Dead, Long Live ACTA? -  are they trying to be sneaky here?

US Free Trade Agreements Are Bad Not Just For The Economy, But For The Environment, Too - so what are they good for?

Naïve, Crazy Idealists Make Good - the Eisens on PLoS #openaccess

‘We need #whistleblowers’ says Web inventor @timberners_lee - and he's quite right (v @wikileaks)#snowden

so what have these food companies got to hide if they fought against labelling in California? -

Leaked memo threatens ‘end of European conservation as we know it’ - insane

 Don’t trust VPNs? Create your own with a friend and a browser extension - interesting approach

Battle for the future of #Italy’s internet: Protests build against site-blocking law - hugely important #copyright

"new global norms 4 protection of broadcasting organizations & for establishment of sui generis sports rights" - no..

#TAFTA/#TTIP Corporate Empowerment Map - "75,000 Companies. that Could Attack Clean Water, Green Energy Policies"

Demanding accountability for the #NSA's breach of #SWIFT financial agreement - the trust is gone #EU

Is #Mozilla on the Bridge of Khazad - or on the Fence? - time for it to defend the #openweb again #DRM

"revelations about #NSA interception of #SWIFT data make a mockery of the EU's agreement with the US" -

 EU leaders: Halt mass surveillance - alas, that's a call to them, not by them... #snowden

Energy bills pushed up by green tariffs, says David Cameron - short-term thinking; ignores long-term savings #uk

UK Intelligence & Security Committee holds Open Evidence Session - great; but why "print journalists only"? #gchq

New court documents detail abuse of pregnant woman in UK-US Libya renditions - shame on UK: sunk so low? (v @jmcest)

#Indonesia to prioritize palm oil in talks with EU - needs to stop deforestation palm oil plantations causes, then...

#Ecuador for alternatives to bilateral investment treaties - understandably, given #ISDS; will others follow?

#Badger cull: illegal shooting & gassing reported to police in trial counties - a shambles (etymologically speaking)

Unhappy meal. #EFSA's independence problem - "122 experts out of 209 (58.37%) have at least one conflict of interest"

#Openaccess: six myths to put to rest - useful & accessible stuff from @petersuber

#NSA & Mexico: missing facts, reporters are puppets on Snowden's string - "Russia-running Snowden": what? (v @sjvn)

Gov't Contractor Uses Copyright, Fear Of Hackers To Get Restraining Order Against #OpenSource Developer - insane

Public Interest Coalition Opposes Fast-Track Authority for #TPP - important: fast track=no oversight or control

Landmark #CETA & mining industry - " 'Ok, if you do this, we will be suing you for compensation.'” #ISDS

presumably the US doesn't monitor Merkel's communications, it just stores all the #metadata... #NSA

Will the Ombudsman rise to the occasion? - what's the point of having an #EU ombudsman if she won't act here? #ACTA

#India Wants Students And Researchers To Have The Right To Photocopy Books - makes sense: first medicines, now this

#Greenpeace activists have piracy charges dropped by Russia - classic: put the frighteners on, then do lesser charge

Kanzler-Handy im US-Visier? Merkel beschwert sich bei Obama - ah, makes clear he said nothing about past spying

"US is not monitoring Merkel" - but NB: "spokeswoman did not wish to specify whether this applied to the past." #nsa

"Mandatory cameras in bedrooms could be OK [with] rules governing when government could look at the recordings."

#Google censure Numerama et coupe ses vivres, pour une photo - #google is becoming an arbitrary & dangerous censor

Clapper Plays More Word Games In The Official Denial Of French Phone Data Collection Leak - nobody believes a word

Badger cull: Attenborough condemns UK government for 'ignoring' science - #defra scientists have zero credibility now

Internet begins its move beyond .com, .net, and .edu - watch phishing get worse in the wake of these... #icann

map that shows China’s coming shale gas boom - good job #china has huge reserves of spare water for this. oh wait...

US reveals red lines for 2015 climate change deal - basically, it will be as useless as ever (v @jconnoroz @DrRimmer)

spies, not leaks, that threaten our security - "national security is a catchphrase so elastic as to be meaningless"

#Horsemeat: the mystery 'Polish beef trimmings' at the heart of a scandal - fascinating but appalling tale...

.@ggreenwald & the Future of Leaks - “I have written about maybe 300 of the tens of thousands of documents I have"

 America Snoops on Italian Emails, Text Messages and Conversations - spain must be next (v @cfarivar)#italy

In #London, a Rising Silicon-Upon-Thames - UK gov should take note and update laws accordingly

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