Thursday, 25 February 2016


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 16024 - yesterday's tweets as a single page

#Iran elections: stakes are high as reformists seek further political gains - let's hope

#BT told to open up network, but #Ofcom stops short of ordering Openreach split - but is that enough?

#Google’s @DeepMindAI group working with NHS to develop patient care software - interesting: & where will AI fit in?

No, Virtual Reality Won't Make Us Fat, Stupid Slaves Of Mark Zuckerberg - #VR

European spy tech sold to ultra-secret branch of Egyptian gov’t, claims new report - #eg

German #SMEs join forces to resist #TTIP - "doubts among some small and midsized businesses in Germany."

EU parliament votes for embargo on arms sales to Saudi Arabia - "ratchets up pressure on Riyadh"

This app will give you near real-time alerts whenever deforestation happens - great idea; hope it makes a difference

New EU law links animal welfare with human health - more good stuff from @Europarl_EN

The jobs tradeoffs in the #TPP trade deal - "the stronger rules on patents and copyrights are not good news."

You Might Soon Need #Aadhar Cards To Get New SIMs - slippery slope time...

Math denialism: #crypto backdoors and #DRM are the alternative medicine of computer science - good analogies

Nissan’s connected car app offline after shocking vulnerability revealed - beep-beep #IoT

#Japan Police Arrest 44 in Nationwide Internet Piracy Crackdown - sounds disproportionate #copyright

UK likely to ratify Unified Patent Court after EU referendum - be bonkers to do it before #UPC

.@EU_Commission plans to relicense controversial weedkiller - using secret "data" from companies; something to hide?

Das #TTIP-Verhandlungsbarometer - "wie weit die Verhandlungen gediehen sind"; useful

EU poultry sector concerned about #TTIP deal - "animal welfare regulations in the EU are different & often stricter"

No fin whales to be hunted in #Iceland this summer - "whale meat contains high levels of toxins"

320 million rabbits permanently confined in tiny, barren cages - sickening EU suffering: pl. sign petition to end it

#Disney CEO asks employees to chip in to pay #copyright lobbyists - wants money to lobby for #TPP ratification

Never too young: Iowa house passes bill to let children of all ages handle #guns - natural selection at work...

Sci-Hub as necessary, effective civil disobedience - fine, fierce piece by @brembs(v @MikeTaylor)#copyright

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