Monday, 8 February 2016


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 160207 - yesterday's tweets as a single page

UK-US deal would allow MI5 to get chat and e-mails directly from US companies - legally, unlike dirty deals with NSA

Prise de position sur la création d’un tribunal relatif aux investissement dans le cadre du PTCI - "rejette"

Georgia proposes 'blasphemy bill' to outlaw religious insults - foolish move, საქართველო... #ge

Banned in America, soaring use in UK: #poultry farm drugs that put human lives at risk - shameful & irresponsible

20 Years Ago Today: The Most Important Law On The Internet Was Signed, Almost By Accident - interesting history

#TPP high on agenda as #NZ Parliament reconvenes - let the battle commence

Corvids could save forests from the effects of climate change - "ecological silviculture" - wow, amazing...

*Record Number* of #ISDS cases filed in 2015 - 70 of them - it's getting bad - & #TTIP will make it much, much worse

#TTIP & the architecture of impunity - " necessary to re-establish the territorial jurisdiction of national courts"

#TTIP’s impact on labour rights: the chronicle of an anticipated disaster - "response must come from the streets"

European Imperialism and Free Trade - the other free trade agreements...

Chicago cop shoots teenager, then sues victim's family for emotional trauma - because of course he did...

#TiSA Stakeholder Survey - make your views known; please pass on...

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