Sunday, 7 February 2016


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 160206 - yesterday's tweets as a single page

Sanders Vows To Kill #TPP If Elected. Will Clinton? - she may vow, but she won't...

Ted Cruz and Donald Trump say waterboarding isn't torture - which means it will be used more often on Americans

Huge Moroccan concentrated solar plant poised to to be world's largest - great news - more needed

#Brexit donor's company spells out risks of quitting EU - the truth, not the propaganda...

A quarter of North Sea #oil platforms 'could be scrapped in 10 years' - "opportunity for decommissioning firms"

WhatsApp group chat size now 256 people - "not clear why WhatsApp settled on such an oddly specific number ": er...

Nick Farmer knows dozens of languages, so he invented one for The Expanse - great stuff #lingustics

 #CC-BY Licensing Shows Momentum - a good match for #openscience

Been anywhere nice this year? Brain surgery where patients are kept chatting - amazing stuff from the #NHS

#UPC: To Understand Who Would Benefit From It Just Look at Who’s Promoting It (Like TPP) - get ready for the trolls

how UK's independent scientific advice body on chemistry was privatised - so how independent is it now...?

Welcome to EPOnia, the strange land of European patents that is outside the law
- EU patent craziness revealed

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