Thursday, 18 February 2016


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 160217 - yesterday's tweets as a single page

How #ISDS Threatens The Power Of Governments To Collect And Set Taxes - moreover, it's a deep, unfixable problem

British American Tobacco considering legal avenues to fight the Tobacco Plain Packaging Bill - what utter scum #NZ

#TTIP round 12 - excellent summary of where we are; seems "TTIP Lite" is back on the table....

Investment court system, #ISDS in disguise: 10 reasons why EU's proposal doesn't fix a flawed system - just drop it

Google CEO sides with Apple, opposes court-ordered device backdoors - better late than never #crypto

Tell @netflix: Stand up to Big Media bullies and do not block pro-privacy #VPN technology - 

Head of Russian Orthodox church quizzes penguin on Antarctica visit - as one does

.@sussex_police: stop fining rough sleepers - such heartlessness...

Remains at Swedish Iron Age fort tell a story of a horrible massacre - amazing story

Pope suggests contraception can be condoned in Zika crisis - wow - it's happening...

Representative Levin Announces Opposition To #TPP - "deeply flawed trade deal was signed two weeks ago in a casino"

#TTIP round 12 - excellent summary of where we are; "TTIP Lite" is their last, desperate attempt to save the deal...

Guardian Tech Reporter: Apple Should Help FBI Break Into iPhone 'Cos I Don't Consider Privacy All That Important -

"Regardless of who wins the presidency in November, approval of #TPP & #TTIP looks unlikely." - the tide is turning

"The Obama administration has all but given up on a trade agreement with the European Union." - #TTIP

50.000 get√∂tete Elefanten - a shameful, bloody trade driven in part by the perennial selfish & stupid @NRA

Farmers fear for their future as new #TTIP round opens - they're right: EU #farmers likely to be main losers

Key evidence withheld as 'trade secret' in EU's controversial risk assessment of #glyphosate - profits before people

Introduction to Old English Metre - Alan J. Bliss, ‘An Introduction to Old English Metre’, Oxford: Blackwell, 1962

Mass EU migration into Britain is actually good news for UK economy - good article about hugely important point

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