Monday, 22 February 2016


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 160221 - yesterday's tweets as a single page

new #TTIP leak: EU's tariff offer for 8000 products - another great release by @correctiv_org

Report: VW told to make electric cars in US as emissions cheat fallout continues - seems a condign punishment

Mozilla, EFF, and Creative Commons call for more openness in trade negotiations - 280 others say "bin ##ISDS" #TTIP

Celebrating Our Ford-Mozilla Open Web Fellows, and Looking Ahead - nice idea, not very global, though...

#TTIP’s tell-tale 12th round? - "Froman has been unenthusiastic & American business community also is skeptical."

Meet the corporations lobbying the hardest for #TTIP and ending democracy - good summary (v @Ian56789 @monkchips)

Oil Corporations Vs. Climate: How investors use trade agreements to undermine climate action - #ISDS #CA

#TTIP trap – European Commission rebrands untenable #ISDS with “Investment Court System” - new name, same game

Woman sues London pub for £4.2m after tripping in beer garden - sorry, but no: that way lies litigious madness

#TTIP Enters New and Dangerous Stage As Democracy is Dismantled in Secret - let's make 12th round the last...

Business Alliance for #TTIP reiterates importance of ambitious deal - wow, the same tired, old, debunked arguments

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