Saturday, 20 February 2016


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 160218 - yesterday's tweets as a single page

#TPP should not be adopted without a full, independent health assessment - "ratification should be delayed"

EU defends #TTIP investor court after German backlash - but completely misses the point - on purpose? #ISDS #ICS

TACD’s recommendations on the proposed food safety chapter in #TTIP -  catalogue of TTIP's dangerous deregulation

"animal welfare provisions proposed by the Commission are not binding & unenforceable." - @EU_Commission betrays EU

MPs can view #TTIP files – but take only pencil and paper with them - can't be trusted - how insulting is that?

Kanye West reportedly considering legal action against Pirate Bay over Life of Pablo - yeah, that'll work

Chinese government will ban foreign media from publishing online in #China - seems a bit extreme

'Trust Us With More Data,' Say Government Agencies Hacked By A 16-Year-Old - how about no?

Three's Network-Level Ad-Blocking Rollout Faces Net Neutrality Clash - can't see this surviving EU's #netneutrality

How @EU_Commission is doing the job of big business - "Better Regulation" and Regulatory Cooperation in #TTIP #ISDS

French Constitutional Council Rejects Data Copy During House Raids - well, that's something, I suppose #fr

Brazil Launches Public Consultation on #Copyright in the Digital Environment - #br

Sanders' Speaking Fees Are Nowhere Near Clinton's and He Donates It All to Charity  - "paid $500"

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