Wednesday, 22 July 2015


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 150721 -  yesterday's tweets as a single page

France promises emergency aid to farmers - think it's bad now? just for #TTIP... #agriculture

Labour leadership: Yvette Cooper rejects poll predicting victory for Jeremy Corbyn - ha! well, she would do...

This website lets you document neighborhood pollution - great idea - we need this everywhere

Level the Software Playing Field in #NZ - use #openstandards (v @lightweight)

Solar power subsidies to be cut to reduce green energy costs - "consumer must be protected" - what a joke

Emerald Group Publishing tests ZEN, increases prices: what does it mean? - ZEN for all, and all for #ZEN #openaccess

Ottawa says it won’t be 'bullied' by U.S. over #TPP dairy negotiations - all mouth and no trousers? #canada

Comcast Really Wants Me To Stop Calling Their Top Lobbyist A 'Top Lobbyist' - good luck with that

Niemand hört den Widerstand gegen #TTIP - "als gäbe es keine Welt außerhalb der Unternehmensblase." #TPP #TISA

Crikey! Boris Johnson isn’t PM material after all - nice article, perfect pic

State poised to issue report crucial to trade deal - profits before people, eh? #TPP

The person who copied this Qur’an may have personally known the Prophet Muhammad - now in Birmingham...

African Nations Agree To Plant Variety Treaty; Traditional Farmers' Group Shut Out From Negotiations - #africa

UK police to get real-time access to photos of drivers entering London - amidst dubious claims of public support

Using #DNA for access control - here comes the future...

‘Outrageous’ Tory changes to electoral roll will face challenge in Lords - amazing how Tories are copying Republicans

EU-Kommission verspricht, dass Datenschutzreform nicht hinter alte Direktive zurückfällt - hmm, we'll see...

Surprise: stupid Tories gives farmers what they want: the right to kill the bees agriculture depends upon: #clever

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