Thursday, 2 July 2015


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 150630 -  yesterday's tweets as a single page

Church of England divests from #Soco oil firm over #Virunga operations - others should follow their good example

It's 2015 And Congress Is Now, Finally, Allowed To Use #OpenSource Technologies - incredible it's taken this long

"Luxembourg Presidency outlines an open approach: Listen to the citizens" - yeah? how about listening to us on #TTIP?

'Blind agreement' and closed-door deals: Report slams #TPP negotiations - quite right too

Plea to the European Union Legislators on the European #Copyright Reform - why copyright on snippets makes no sense..

«#TiSA signifie la fin du service public» - that is its aim, pure and simple

OpenDreamKit: Open Digital Research Environment Toolkit for the Advancement of Mathematics - excellent news

Big Texas Oil and Gas Torpedo a Small City's Effort to Ban #Fracking—Bye Bye Local Democracy - profits before people

Cameron reaffirms there will be no “safe spaces” from UK government #snooping - actually, it's called #privacy...

.@wikileaks releases Core Text for the largest 'trade deal' in history, #TiSA - excellent news; let's get digging

Leaked: What’s in Obama’s #TPP - "will provide ammunition for critics" #bigpharma

Rosetta spots sinkholes, hints of interior caverns on comet 67P - exciting stuff

Sector del vicepresidente Sendic a favor de abandonar las negociaciones del #TISA. - wow, kudos; who's next? #uruguay

Parliament’s #TTIP vote cleared by S&D, with a new #ISDS - shame on @MartinSchulz for this anti-democratic casuistry

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