Monday, 20 July 2015


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 150719 -  yesterday's tweets as a single page

Agricultural implications just the tip of the #TPP iceberg - you bet: wake up #Canada

UK Anti-Piracy ‘Education’ Campaign Starts This Summer - "you wouldn't steal a car" -

Pre-prints: just do it? - "There is momentum building behind the adoption of pre-print servers in the life sciences"

Costco Drops Children’s Dinosaur Birthday Cake After Arizona Mom Complains It Promotes Satanism - </facepalm>

Sisters fight to save ancient African language from extinction - lovely tale; hope they succeed (v @languagehat)

Tianhe-2, Most Powerful Supercomputer in the World, Runs Ubuntu Kylin - nobody can say #Linux doesn't scale...

UK government backs regional Food Enterprise Zones 2 boost supply chains - great; pity #TTIP will forbid them as NTBs

OpenTransparency releases EU classified #TTIP documents - but from 2014...

Washington Post Observes Encryption War 2.0 For Several Months, Learns Absolutely Nothing - useless

Sarawak Report whistleblowing website blocked by #Malaysia after PM allegations - we know what to do, then...

The EFF makes it easier to write to your elected representatives in Congress and the Senate - great; do use it...

Forging a truly Transatlantic digital economy - undermining EU data protection in name of holy "data flows" #TTIP

UK Legislation to stop cult leaders from 'peddling hatred' - </cough> that's what you're doing, David... #tolerance

Florida man dislikes sea turtles, shoots a volunteer protecting their nest - er, what???

US Congress: Save Oak Flat - haven't the Apache people been robbed enough?

One Direction Offers Remix Competition, Then Sony/Soundcloud Punish The Entrants As Copyright Infringers - of course

Marital Infidelity Site AshleyMadison Hacked, Claims No One Should Worry Since It #DMCA'd All Leaked Copies - huh???

Who really wins more #ISDS cases - governments or corporations? - trick question: govs can't win, only not lose

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