Wednesday, 15 July 2015


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 150714 -  yesterday's tweets as a single page

Critics of Trans Pacific Partnership are not politically irrelevant - certainly not - shameful to suggest so #TPP

.@SeaWorld employee posed undercover as animal activist for years, PETA says - contemptible if true

Leadership of #EPO blocks examiners' access to directory of potential prior art - EPO meltdown (v @schestowitz)

EU Commissioner says he’s still open to a “#Googletax” on snippets - even tho' disasters in #spain & #germany

Health: Is #TTIP the pill for all our ills? - good, thoughtful analysis

EU blocks global #copyright reform to allow wider access to knowledge - why is the @EU_Commission so evil? #a2k

JPEG Looking To Add #DRM To Images... Supposedly To Protect Images From Gov't Surveillance - yeah, right

Made with Creative Commons: A book on open business models - its first kickstarter campaign #cc

Theresa May rejects Boris Johnson’s request to use water cannon - pure politics, but nice to see Boris snubbed

Nigel Farage: I share concerns with Donald Trump - that's OK, we have the same concerns about you both

UK Confuses Gullible Reporter Into Believing It Changed Its Position On Encryption - yeah, it's a trick

Putin Aide, Apparently Non-Ironically, Gives Facebook A Lecture On Free Speech - great sense of humour

Authors Guild Cements Reputation As Luddites: Hates The Internet And Especially Amazon - just stick to quills, then

ProxyHam’s early demise gives way to new and improved privacy devices - interesting, potentially important

Windows 10 has apparently RTMed with build 10240 and is out now to Insiders - note "RTM" has been verbed...

Stunning high-res images of Pluto’s surface show “youthful terrain” -  exciting stuff #space

Echo chamber of outrage: Ars attends a climate sceptics’ summit - excellent insights into strange, sad little world

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