Saturday, 4 July 2015


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 150702 -  yesterday's tweets as a single page

Oxfam Germany director: '#TTIP would intensify inequality in developing countries' -  bad for poor (v @TTIPBeware)

"#AUSFTA resulted in a fall in Australian and US trade with the rest of the world" - why won't #TPP do the same? #AU

WikiLeaks Performs Valuable Service By Liberating Key Documents from Lesser-Known But Still Major Trade Deal - #TISA

Oceans face massive & irreversible impacts without carbon cuts – study - something that denialists ignore completely

Dutch universities start their Elsevier boycott plan - everyone else pl. follow suit (v @jwildeboer)#openaccess

Stunning photo catches the ISS in transit over the full moon - nice

German Court Says YouTube Isn't Liable For Infringement, But Wants A Notice-And-Staydown Process -

Több mint ötven neves közéleti személy a TTIP ellen - 54 well-known Hungarians sign letter against #TTIP

Nem kérnek a TTIP-ből - "they would like to exert pressure on the Hungarian EP representatives" #hu

#TTIP aim to lift US oil export ban goes against climate targets - "could explode Canada’s tar sands carbon bomb"

'We know that the government is all out for shale and we're all out to stop them' - nice bit of journalism #fracking

New Dutch law would allow bulk #surveillance, compelled decryption - introduces "purpose-oriented" mass snooping #nl

new EU #dataprotection rules are being gutted: read the appalling details here: @Europarl_EN must stand up for public

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