Thursday, 2 July 2015


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 150701 -  yesterday's tweets as a single page

#TPP Could Actually Make Working Conditions Worse in Vietnam - certainly, the vietnamese people will gain little

Leaked #TPP paper shows US pushing drug company rights - "the worst-ever agreement in terms of access to medicines."

Forget the #TPP, does a secret global court spell the end of democracy? - amusing video about #ISDS #TTIP #TISA

10 reasons why the latest #ISDS compromise is a bad deal - good analysis of @TheProgressives's betrayal of public

Nikon’s 83× superzoom camera can see things from miles away - amazing; won't be long before comes to phones...

CyanogenMod is building a flexible open-source browser for Android - interesting

German states draft bill for nationwide GMO ban - #monsanto will love that...

#GCHQ *did* spy on @amnesty International, secret tribunal admits - really? has UK sunk to tinpot dictator level now?

Some new ideas for fixing science - interesting and important stuff #openscience

.@edri asks the European Commission to investigate illegal data retention laws in the EU - nice try...

Making EU #copyright fit for the digital age - if that's even possible... (4.5K words on EU (c) reform history)

.@giannipittella : S&D signs death certificate for #ISDS in TTIP. - not true: it's just given it an obvious, fake wig

.@BP_plc set to pay largest environmental fine in US history for Gulf oil spill - still nowhere damage it caused...

New #TISA leaks confirm PSI concerns on deregulation and secrecy - as it well might

Vizekanzler Gabriel hat ironisches Verhältnis zur Überwachung und findet NSA-Skandal absurdes Theater - yeah, ha-ha

Leaked Text Shows #TISA Threat to Deregulate Financial Services - do we really want another financial meltdown?

Khan warned that response to latest terrorist atrocities should not be passage of draconian new #surveillance laws -

A YouTuber removed her makeup to reveal Internet's harsh beauty standards - really worth watching & thinking about

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