Wednesday, 24 June 2015


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 150623 -  yesterday's tweets as a single page

Doctors vote to stop NHS from being 'privatised' under global trade deal #TTIP - good to see people waking up #ISDS

Malmstr√∂m predicts Canadian-EU trade deal by July - steamrolling #ISDS through regardless of what public thinks #CETA

Free trade agreements 'preferential' and dangerous, says Productivity Commission - " large unfunded liabilities" #TPP

#NZ "government’s actions in negotiating #TPP are a breach of Treaty of #Waitangi and its principles" - #sovereignty

#TPP is coming to #Australia. Will the Labor leadership help stop this dud deal? - seems unlikely, alas

Fast Track Moves Forward And Now Fight Is On #TPP Directly - "thanks, Congress, for selling out the American public"

Wikileaks Reveals #NSA Spying On French Presidents - question no one is asking: where did these come from? a leaker?

Baby beavers born to England's first wild colony - hardly earth-shattering, but nice all the same...

Letter to S&D and ALDE MEPs: Stand Up for Net Neutrality - make that real #netneutrality

China's Massive $10 Billion Railway Project Set to Cross South America - this looks disastrous for the environment

Whatever You Call It - Open Journalism, Social Media Journalism, Open-Source Intelligence - It's Going Mainstream -

The E.U. Needs to Stop Dangerous Trade Deals - starting with #CETA, which is the most immediate threat

France summons US ambassador over 'unacceptable' spying - "other US spy targets included French cabinet ministers"

Rotherham child sexual exploitation inquiry: 300 possible suspects - uk police should work on this, not eco-groups

Netherlands loses landmark global warming case, ordered to cut emissions - sets important precedent; who's next? #nl

Bruised ‘Fast-track’ scrapes past US Senate, as outcry mirrored on both sides of the Atlantic - good analysis #TTIP

#DE Environment Agency on #TTIP: "improper design of regulatory cooperation carries considerable risks" - wow

What's Killing the Babies of Vernal, Utah? - "a #fracking boomtown, a spike in stillborn deaths" (v @cybearDJM)

Canada-EU trade deal would hinder policies 2 address climate change - time to #StopCETA : spread the word (& hashtag)

Top #TTIP lobbyists come into view - "leaves citizens in the dark on who's really influencing EU leaders' moves"

Royal Navy bomb explosions caused mass whale deaths, report concludes - important report: MoD must change its ways

AFJ: ISDS closes courtroom doors and undermines equal access to justice - "remove #ISDS from proposed trade deals"

GCHQ Asked Court To Let It Infringe On Anti-Virus Copyrights - For National Security - but but copyright is sacred

"TTIP could be rejected by the EP is if it includes #ISDS, considered unacceptable by majority of MEPs" -

#China puts $6 trillion price tag on its climate plan - nice number

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