Monday, 15 June 2015


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 150614 -  yesterday's tweets as a single page

The Muddled Case for Trade Agreements - "The time for secrecy is past, if it ever existed." #TPP #TTIP

Let me be clear – Edward #Snowden is a hero - Shami Chakrabarti is right: let's say it loud & clear #surveillance

End of transparency? Paving way for #tradesecrets in #TTIP - important stuff

German Investigation Into #NSA #Surveillance Of Angela Merkel Dropped - don't imagine German public will be happy

Elefanten im Zirkus: Tierschützer warnen vor "tickenden Zeitbomben" - stop this barbarism now

Mega Publishes First Transparency Report - fascinating stats

Coal crash: how pension funds face huge risk from climate change - good analysis of huge, looming problem

EU-US trade talks: the trojan horse treaty trips up as opposition grows - and how... #TTIP

Postponing the European Parliament’s #TTIP resolution is not what consumers want to hear - indeed

Hillary Clinton Urges Obama to Listen to Democrats on Trade Deal - seems unlikely... #TPA #TAA #TPP

Privacy and Data Protection under threat from EU Council agreement - @edri spells out the problems #EudataP

EU takes important step towards agreeing updated data protection rules - but lots of haggling still to come #EudataP

The Pulitzer Prize In Bullshit FUD Reporting Goes To... The Sunday Times For Its 'Snowden Expose' - great analysis

Pope's encyclical: "Il clima è un bene comune, di tutti e per
tutti." - he's not wrong (v @rtcc_megan @carlzimmer)

Last call to save #copyright reform - There are some issues on which it will come down 2 every single vote - pl. act

News Corp. Sends DMCA Notice Over Greenwald Trashing The Sunday Times' Ridiculous #Snowden Story - how not to do it

The FLOK Society Project - book coming soon

IMF team in #China to assess reserve-currency status for #yuan - it's getting close....

Stellenausschreibung für die Organisation der Großdemonstration gegen #TTIP und #CETA im Oktober - should be fun...

Helen Mirren and John Oliver Definitively Debunk Notion that #Torture Ever Works - seriously genius

International widget campaign against EU ‘Link Tax’ that threatens to chill free expression - #copyright #eu

Guy Who Inspired The Term 'Patent Troll' May Be Leaving Patent Trolling Business - NB: getting into #tradesecrets

Reporter Who Wrote Sunday Times '#Snowden' Propaganda Admits That He's Just Writing What UK Gov't Told Him - painful

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