Thursday, 18 June 2015


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 150617 -  yesterday's tweets as a single page

#NZ is heading towards a two-tier health system, and it could get a whole lot worse - thanks to #TPP

75 per cent of Canadians unaware of #TPP negotiations: poll - scandalous subversion of democracy

#MRSA superbug found in supermarket pork raises alarm over farming risks - time stop wasting key antibiotics thus

As #TPP Supporters Whine About Failure Of Fast Track, Why Is No One Suggesting Increased Transparency? - odd, that

#TTIP: why the world should beware - excellent, in-depth analysis of its geopolitical underpinnings #brics

Promote Strong Encryption and Anonymity in the Digital Age - yes, let's #crypto

Tories to end onshore windfarm subsidies in 2016 - if #TTIP were in place, gov would be sued black & blue for this

#TTIP will give Corporations Control over Governments - "Welcome to NATO on trade"

If voting changed anything, they'd abolish it - trade deals & corporate hydras - "keep piling on pressure" on MEPs

#TTIP Trade Deal Set to Trigger Wave of Privatization – German Activist - but the Germans are on it...@campact

"Imagine we had nine rounds of negotiations with 200 negotiators trying to solve climate change" - wasted on #TTIP

#TTIP Will Allow Foreign Mulitnationals to 'Hold EU to Ransom'– Unions - EU politicians "risk alienating the public"

Pope's encyclical tells rich nations: 'Pay your debt to the poor' - "blame on the indifference of the powerful "

"The global trade agreements started going off the rails last week" - #TTIP #TPP #TPA

What will #TTIP Mean for Food and Climate? - "the potential for harmful impacts are evident."

Here's what it would take for the US to run on 100% renewable #energy - fascinating, detailed analysis

#TTIP agreement: “If it’s secret, it’s suspect.” - slovenian TV reports... #si

French warn Britain: Brexit could be your Waterloo - ha! well played,@lemondefr

"300,000 professional fire fighters ... strongly urge you to oppose H.Res.321 which attaches #TPA to HR 2146" -

#TTIP: a week of victories - good analysis. key point: "Campaigning works." so keep it up, people... #ISDS

House Caves On Fast Track, #TPA, #TAA Move Back To The Senate - politicking at its worst

Europeans could get data protection rights in U.S. - yeah, but how useful is it that I can sue in the US???

Buen Conocer /FLOK Society: public policy & sustainable models for a social knowledge economy in Ecuador - free ebook

A Call to Action - "climate change is overarching environmental challenge of our time... obligation to confront it"

Genome of enigmatic Kennewick skeleton confirms he was Native American - fascinating stuff #genomics

2015 is likely to beat 2014 as the warmest year on record - oh, look: yet another data point... #denialists

Energy Storage Is The Real Target Of Spain's New Tax On The Sun - could spanish government really be this stupid? #es

How Poop-Sniffing Dogs Could Help Save Endangered Species - we must use every means to save them from extinction

Appeals Court May Have Finally Reversed An Error That Enabled Bogus Software Patent Claims - looks important

300 arrested in global wildlife raids - good work, much more needed, especially from a complacent EU #poaching

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