Saturday, 6 June 2015


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 150604 -  yesterday's tweets as a single page

Edward Snowden: The World Says No to #Surveillance - wow, a Snowden editorial in @nytimes; how times have changed

Distorted facts, blatant lies: business group's big push to get #ISDS through - outrageous; pro-#TTIP camp desperate

Netflix Chief: Piracy Prepared Internet Users For Us - of course, it's simple: "piracy" is actually just marketing...

American and German unions reject #ISDS - massive resistance on both sides of Atlantic #TTIP

OPM hack: China blamed for massive breach at US federal agency - er, maybe the #NSA shouldn't have done this to China

Berners-Lee Urges Britons To Fight The Snooper's Charter, But For One UK Tech Company It's Too Late - #surveillance

Privacy Is Not a Barrier to Trade - despite what trade agreements would have us believe #TTIP #TPP #TISA

Lange: I want citizens & SMEs to benefit from #TTIP, not BusinessEurope - "not accept any private arbitration" #ISDS

#TTIP: The elephant in the room - great analysis of why #ISDS is simply unjust

#Microsoft opens EU “Transparency Centre” to allay fears over #NSA backdoors - but still not as open as #opensource

Top FBI Official Says Tech Companies Need To 'Prevent #Encryption Above All Else' - staggering demonisation

Confidential USTR Emails Show Close Industry Involvement In #TPP Negotiations - great FOI work (v @mgeist)

interesting US survey on trade et al. - only 30% in favour of free trade; 42% in favour of Fast Track... #TPP #TTIP

First Victory for Citizens against Surveillance: French Military Planning Act will go before Constitutional Court! -

HSBC money-laundering procedures 'have flaws too bad to be revealed' - not just too big to fail, too bad to fail

#ISDS: #FR proposals for a permanent international investment arbitration court - a pointless bodge (v @StevePeers)

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