Wednesday, 3 June 2015


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 150602 -  yesterday's tweets as a single page

from last year, but interesting: Sinn Fein's analysis of #TTIP's (negative) impact on Ireland - #ISDS

Urge the South African Government to Take Action to Halt the Catastrophic Levels of Rhino Poaching - depressing

WikiLeaks Wants To Crowdsource $100K Reward For Leak Of #TPP Text, As Doubts Grow About Agreement's Value - #china

Kim Dotcom Thwarts Huge U.S. Government Asset Grab - nice win for him

Report: EU flexes #antitrust muscles to tackle Hollywood’s territorial licensing - #geoblocking still a problem

#CETA is good for small businesses on both sides of the Atlantic - pity it is so awful for the public (v @StuJT)

#NHS regulators to take over health services in 3 English regions - "success regime" - you can't make this stuff up

Report: Logging companies plundering Congo's rainforest - come on, EU and China: sort this

EU once again fails to deliver on #NetNeutrality - Council to blame again,@Europarl_EN standing up for public

big: important new #TISA leaks from @wikileaks - - get digging, lots of stuff, lots of bad stuff...

WikiLeaks releases secret #TISA docs: more evil sibling of TTIP & TPP - kills EU data protection, & #freesw mandates

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