Sunday, 14 June 2015


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 150612 -  yesterday's tweets as a single page

#TPP 'could be on ice for two years' -'could-be-on-ice-for-two-years' yes, that's the best way to stop corpses rotting... #NZ

Ag Minister seeks best deal for farmers as #TPP negotiations continue - because ag is all, no? #AU

Trade defeat casts doubt on EU-U.S. deal - "serious blow to President Obama’s trade agenda." #TTIP #TPP

Harvey Bale, former Director General of IFPMA, says Fast Track "favors the powerful over the weak" - strong words

Liberals Deal Obama a Stunning Blow on Trade—but One More Showdown Awaits - #NotDeadYet #TPA

Tell the Environment Agency not to fast-track #fracking in England - more underhand stuff

What Drives Governments to Keep #TISA, #TPP and #TTIP Secret? - "Could contempt for the public be any more obvious?"

#BBC: #TTIP talks: MEPs in bitter split on EU-US trade - "Deep divisions have surfaced in the European Parliament"

.@Telegraph: What is #TTIP and why is it so controversial? - "attracted a huge wave of protest across the EU"

.@DailyMirror: What is #TTIP? Everything you need to know about the trade deal causing chaos in the EU -

.@Independent:#TTIP: Here's why MEPs have been protesting it, and why you should too - "TTIP is a Trojan horse"

A victory for people power: we have postponed the controversial #TTIP vote - #ie

the more people learn about #TTIP, the more they are rightly worried.  So spread the word: truth and the facts are on our side...

Inner Mongolian Artists Speak Up as Mining and Logging Encroach on Traditional Grazing Lands - welcome development

Another Victory Against Government Surveillance, This Time In Paraguay - … yay, go #paraguay

After trade vote fails, Obama pleads with lawmakers to reconsider - no, you reconsider your support for corporates

Attribution is hard - important piece: please read (v @raycorrigan)#security

US #TPA has an extra - "obligating EU countries to refrain from any kind of boycotts on Israeli goods." #BDS #TTIP

NY man gets 15 years in prison for filming boss set fire to homeless victim - what???

David Cameron orders crackdown on summer surge of #FGM cases - can't fault him on that...

Hillary Clinton rally puts spotlight on inequality and progressive causes - yeah, but what about #TPP?

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