Wednesday, 29 April 2015


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 150428 - yesterday's tweets as a single page

#Fracking behind the rise of man-made earthquakes, new maps show - oh look, just like they said wasn't true

Oh, Canada: Surprise loser in #TTIP - since even @MalmstromEU admits current #ISDS is bad, it must come out of #CETA

Portugal is becoming an Angolan financial colony - the (Portuguese) Empire strikes back...

8 Dangerous Side Effects of #Fracking Industry Doesn't Want You to Hear About - & Tories want to bring this to UK?

.@ArsTechnicaUK launches May 5, and we party in London May 7 - warning: may includes traces of nuts (me)

UN Expert: Secret Trade Negotiations Are A 'Threat To Human Rights' - growing chorus of disapproval #TTIP #TPP #ISDS

Cyanogen ends OnePlus partnership, aims to work with bigger Chinese vendors - fascinating

G7-Gipfel: Demo gegen #TTIP - looks like things will be fun in Munich in June...

#TTIP: “very negative impacts” says Irish Farmers Association - it was gone, it's back; see what they say...

UK Green Party Speculates On Idea To Shorten Copyright To 14 Years... Leading To Mass Freakout - absurd bullying

US Labor leader urges presidential candidates to oppose trade deals - #TPP #TTIP #TPA

DeFazio Blasts ‘#Monsanto Provision’ in Fast Track - "stripping other countries of their right to label foods"

Open Knowledge appoints Pavel Richter as new CEO - so now you know

Trans-Pacific Partnership Becomes a 2016 Election Issue - & that's pretty big #TPP #TPA

House GOP Whip Urges Obama To Get More Democrats Behind Trade Bill, Says Votes Aren't There Yet - awkward #TPA #TPP

Reddit users want to replace Steam with #opensource game launcher Project Ascension - great idea

Obama Is Selling the #TPP Trade Deal Just Like Al Gore Sold #NAFTA - & look how what that did to jobs in US & Mexico

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