Friday, 24 April 2015


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 150423 - yesterday's tweets as a single page

#Azerbaijan is playing games with Europe - "massive human rights crackdown as the European Games near"

A Residence With Locking Doors And A Working Toilet Is All That's Needed To Justify A No-Knock Warrant - wait, what?

If You Really Think #TPP Is About 'Trade' Then Your Analysis Is Already Wrong - important point

NSA spied on EU politicians and companies with help from German intelligence - likely to make #TTIP even less popular

Recording Industry's Latest Plan To Mess Up The Internet: Do Away With Safe Harbors - stunning greed & stupidity

"earlier today the Commission approved 19 pending #GMO applications" - definitely not a pre-#TTIP sell-out, oh no...

"to make as much progress [with #TTIP negotiations] as possible in 2015" - recognition won't be finished in 2015

The downside of “Drill, baby, drill!”—degraded North American ecosystems - "50,000 new wells per year since 2000"

Former CIA head’s no-jail sentence for leaking called “gross hypocrisy” - & that's putting it mildly

Japanese Court Orders Google To Remove Customer Reviews From Its Maps Service -- Globally - this will not end well

EU's approved GMOs mostly glyphosate-resistant - so we're going to have more carcinogens in our plates thanks 2 this?

Compare And Contrast Prosecution And Sentences Of David Petraeus With Government Whistleblowers - shameless

Boozy Farage holds impromptu victory party after poll boost - oh, well, since he's won, no need to vote for him...

Obama: "I keep on hearing people repeating this notion that [TPP]’s ‘secret,’ it’s dishonest" no, you're dishonest

#NZ: "Thousands say NO to Investors’ Rights to Sue" - take anti-democratic #ISDS out of #TPP

#TPP critical for NZ's future trade ... it's a pity the idea hasn't been sold to the public - what utter toffee

here's why there is no geopolitical argument for #TPP: "Chinese Free Trade Is No Threat to American Free Trade" - #NZ

DHS Opening Office In Silicon Valley To More Efficiently Complain To Tech Companies About Encryption -

Cameron dodges debate with candidate campaigning for NHS - Cameron should see a doctor soon: he's got a yellow belly

U.S., Japan make progress in #TPP talks but no deal seen yet: White House - new, really definite, deadline: 2017..

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