Thursday, 23 April 2015


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 150422 - yesterday's tweets as a single page

NB: #copyright lobby "assembled the biggest pro-copyright coalition since the 1990s. No name, no launch." -

Senator Ron Wyden: The Free Internet Is a Global Priority - a very odd pitch for his #TPA: can't see it working...

#ISDS Trumps National Laws; Here's How The US Thinks It Can Get Around That - why ISDS must come out of #TTIP, #TPP

Japanese zoo association suspended by world body over #Taiji dolphin hunts - damn right #japan

GM Says That While You May Own Your Car, It Owns The Software In It, Thanks To #Copyright - because, er, piracy???

"515 homicides in England and Wales in 2014, 37 fewer than the previous year and the lowest total since 1977." -

“TTIP won’t lower standards” – let’s break down how - how the "pre-#TTIP" regulatory sell-out has already begun...

Chinese Free Trade Is No Threat to American Free Trade - important analysis: no geopolitical argument for #TPP/#TTIP

Green party plan to limit copyright attacked by writers and artists - sense of entitlement strikes again

Unitary Patent: Why is EU Pushing Itself into Irrelevance? - Has this EU puff-piece been disappeared? #UPC #swpats

Pelosi criticizes Obama-backed trade bill - another big name has doubts #TPA

#TTIP Stakeholder Statement: Protect IP from ISDS - important analysis of the deep problems with #ISDS

Insurers lead moves to include financial services in #TTIP - interesting, but not surprising

Forest protection is about to get a major boost from satellites and AI - that's good

 Folter in Rumänien: Ex-Staatschef Iliescu gibt Existenz von CIA-Gefängnis zu - surprise - not... #torture #ro

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