Saturday, 11 April 2015


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 150409 - this week's (rather exiguous) tweets as a single page

"Global Trade Day is a day of action on trade and investment agreements" - next week #TTIP #TISA #TPP

DOJ Asserts Its Desire To Live In Fantasy World Where Publicly-Disclosed Documents Haven't Been Publicly Disclosed -

Wisconsin Joins Florida in Banning Use of the Term '#ClimateChange' - how risible do Republicans want to become?

The great unvetted public locked out as party leaders tour sanitised Britain - not a good sign for UK democracy

"how "investment" rules in trade agreements threaten common-sense environmental policies" - #ISDS #TPP #TTIP

Hacked French network exposed its own passwords during TV interview - </facepalm>

How much piracy is needed for antipiracy sanctions to be available? - decisions from ES and IT -

Kampf gegen Bienensterben: EU will Pestizid-Verbot weiter prüfen - just do it

50 Reasons We Cannot Afford the #TPP - "state-by-state guide to the specific outcomes"

UK Party Leaders: Keep Our #NHS Free - pl. sign and RT if you agree... #GE2015

Alternatives to the FBI's Manufacturing of Terrorists - sounds far too sensible

#Alibaba adds cars, 'smart living' to its repertoire - getting more ambitious by the day #china

Ted Cruz Is Tired of the Media Making Him Look Bad by Accurately Quoting His Remarks - ha!

Energy and climate change minister accepts £18,000 from climate sceptic - says it all

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