Thursday, 16 April 2015


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 150414 - yesterday's tweets as a single page

Netflix Moving To Encrypted Streams, As Mozilla Moves To Deprecate Unencrypted Web Pages As Insecure - good news

BP dropped green energy projects worth billions to focus on fossil fuels - shame on @BP_plc #divestment

Crowdsourcing The Human Telescope - this is just amazing

Lord Janner will not face trial over abuse claims - "not in public interest to proceed ": what???

Ex-Cop 'Forced To Release Five Paedophiles' - staggering & shameful (V @NafeezAhmed @TomSwarbrick1)

TSA's Investigation Into Groping Agents Ensured They Wouldn't Be Prosecuted - incredible

Would You Open-Source Your Body? - How far are you prepared to go? #opendata

Gore: Coal industry campaign on energy poverty is extremely misleading - yup

Labor: We won't be fooled again on trade - resistance to #TPA and #TPP mounts in US

Julian Assange speech prompts judges to boycott legal conference -

Turkey eclipses centenary of Armenian massacre by moving Gallipoli memorial - shabby #ArmenianGenocideRecognition

EU’s refusal to conduct a human rights impact assessment for trade negotiations constitutes maladministration -

Student Sues College After Campus Cops Demand He Get A Free Speech 'Permit' Before Handing Out Fliers - insane

AIB : Save The Internet - a brilliant intro not just to #netneutrality in #India, but #netneutrality in general

ALEC Threatens To Sue Critics That Point Out It Helps Keep Broadband Uncompetitive - uh-huh

Kim Dotcom may get kicked out of New Zealand—but not because of copyright - rather ironic if he does

Facebook’s sees defections over alleged harm to #netneutrality - not much "alleged", methinks

Fast Track Bill Met with Tidal Wave of Opposition - let's hope they wash it awy... #FTA #TPP

Hatch Bill Would Revive Controversial 2002 Fast Track Mechanism That Faces Broad Congressional, Public Opposition -

#CETA draft: Important positions taken by the French National Assembly also relevant for TTIP/TAFTA and the EPAs -

Creative Commons Launches Open Business Models Initiative - #cc

European Left united to reform international arbitration tribunals - clueless: don't fix what you don't need #ISDS

Big Pharma talks up Trans Pacific Partnership but profits trump patients - especially if they're poor ones #TPP

Tories play down fears Defra may be abolished - farming is all about extracting profit = business, so why not, eh?

Congress Finally Releases Fast Track Trade Bill, And It's A Mess - "It's a really weird fight in oh so many ways."

intellectual monopolies section of 2002 Fast Track and 2015 Fast Track introduced today compared in table -

Public concern over the #TPP trade deal mounts - note Robb's shabby personal attacks - he's clearly desperate

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