Friday, 1 May 2015


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 150429 - yesterday's tweets as a single page

France’s Intelligence Bill: legalising mass surveillance -élix-tréguer/france’s-intelligence-bill-legalises-mass-surveillance

LIVE footage of earthquake in Kathmandu -  pretty amazing #nepal

The @arstechnica guide to digital policy in the UK’s 2015 general election - find out how savvy/clueless they are

Commission wants to vet changes to draft EU law - a blatant, undemocratic power-grab by @EU_Commission #deregulation

Hillary Clinton opposes #ISDS - "confirmed to HuffPost by a spokesperson for her presidential campaign": big if true

#Microsoft Corporation's entry in EU Transparency Register -  not exactly gripping reading, but interesting

Obama trade bill in trouble - "currently dozens of votes short of being able to pass" #TPA #TPP (v @ThiruGeneva)

development & faith organisations: reject #TPA and a bad #TPP deal - more voices against

Tom Friedman: If We Don't Sign The #TPP Agreement, The World Will Be Overtaken By ISIS, Anarchy And China - uh-huh

Spam-blasting malware infects thousands of #Linux and #FreeBSD servers - interesting, slightly worrying... #security

Windows 10 is now available on Raspberry Pi & Arduino -  well, I do declare: #microsoft "chasing tail lights" again

Music Licensing Groups Argue That An Homeowners Association Playing Music At The Pool Is A Public Performance -

"European Union is approaching its last chance to save its reputation with citizens" - #ISDS could be the last straw

Law Enforcement's Cluelessness On Display In Congressional Hearing On Undermining Encryption - and how...

Comment Is Weird: A Tumblog of Greatness that parodies The Guardian's 'Comment Is Free' - spectacular

Battle rages over key Obama trade policy - word is out: "#ISDS risks undermining democratic norms" #TPP

"Below, we detail the ways in which #ISDS departs from the justice opportunities that U.S. courts provide" fab letter

Dear @BillGates : 'Will you lead the fight against climate change?' - yeah, answer that, matey...

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