Wednesday, 27 May 2015


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 150526 -  yesterday's tweets as a single page

BuzzFeed Founder Launches New Lab for Open-Source Invention - more wins for #openness (v @mathewi)

TTIP – now it gets political - " #TTIP is sure to be defeated"

Trading places - good to see @nature editorial on #TTIP & its likely impact on science & technology (v @SimonLLewis)

How #ISDS Undermines Democracy By Irrevocably Binding Future Governments - how can anyone accept this? #TTIP #TPP

EU dropped plans for safer pesticides because of #TTIP and pressure from US - despite promises this wouldn't happen

Wikipedia entries for UK MPs whitewashed by computers inside parliament - imagine

Queen’s Speech: Snooper’s Charter is back, plus extension of #GCHQ powers - hey, where'd last bit come from? #snowden

Software APIs are copyrightable, White House tells the US Supreme Court - just insane; good news for EU, though

Ban on legal highs technically covers alcohol, cigarettes & coffee - "contrary 2 centuries of British common law"

Obama’s Asia trade deal faces mounting opposition in House - #TPA #TPP

Author of German #ISDS-reform report criticises stance of Commission & German Ministry - important voice here #TTIP

Arms control treaty could land security researchers like me in jail - good explanation of bad situation #Wassenaar

#TTIP faces critical EU test - absurd: you don't waste time trying to fix what you don't need: just bin #ISDS

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