Friday, 8 May 2015


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 150506 -  yesterday's tweets as a single page

Donald Trump To Blast Obama Trade Pact In Radio Ads: ‘A Bad, Bad Deal’ - strange bedfellows... #TPA #TPP

EU Tries To Put Lipstick On The #ISDS Pig - forget it: it's not needed. just bin it #TTIP #TPP

Recipe for disaster:pro-business Scrutiny Board to prevent laws that hurt corporate profit - exactly #TTIP's approach

MEPs unimpressed with Commission’s #ISDS proposal - they're too wise to be fooled by a little fiddling at the edges

Europol und Interpol wollen Verschlüsselung umgehen & Geheimdienstdaten verarbeiten - disgraceful attack on freedom

The UK press are still attempting to sway voters on election polling day - journalism? not so much #GE2015

#TTIP-Handelsgericht weder notwendig noch sinnvoll - #ISDS increasingly toxic now...

'Kill Anything': #Israeli Soldiers Say #Gaza Atrocities Came From Orders For Indiscriminate Fire - need investigating

#ISDS Reformen reichen nicht - "stoßen bei Kritikern auf Ablehnung". get the message: no (v @Bwassertisch)#TTIP

EU Tries To Put Lipstick On The #ISDS Pig - ISDS is an irremediably flawed solution to a problem that doesn't exist.

German support for #TTIP drops on food, safety worries: poll - going down... (v @bilaterals_org @TTIPBeware)#de

#BND stoppt Internet-Überwachung für #NSA - wow, that's a big slap in the face (v @AdV007)

Judge Throws Out Lawsuit From Redditor Who Found An FBI Tracking Device On His Car - crazy

#TTIP explained: The secretive US-EU treaty that undermines democracy - the Big One: 6K words; pl. spread widely

#TTIP explained: The secretive US-EU treaty that undermines democracy - detailed background: pl. spread widely

Unhappy #Canada says will negotiate #TPP deal in own interests - the claws start to come out

Appeals Court Says #NSA's Bulk Phone Records Collection Not Actually Authorized By PATRIOT Act - great analysis

Why Nike Is the Problem, Not the Solution - yup #TPP

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