Wednesday, 17 December 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 141215 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page

Audiovisual sector feels threatened by copyright reform - copyright dinosaurs feel threatened by fair approach #FTFY

Modified London police brag-sheets - kudos to whoever did this

The charts that show we're living through Earth's warmest year on record - #climatechange

#EU "could do worse than reflect upon what “wealth” really means for its 500 million citizens" - great analysis

.@TheEconomist - #TTIP doesn't involve "political agony of structural reforms" - *wrong*: #NTB removal is structural

#China to write animal welfare into law for the first time - great news (v @AleColarizi)

New year begins new #TPP talks, Obama 'optimistic' - just like he was in 2013 and 2012...

Congress Shouldn't Give Obama Power To Ram Through #TPP - "America is the picture of an unbalanced economy"

.@MalmstromEU:"efforts to bring standards of our trading partners into line with our own" - US gives in? ORLY? #TTIP

Proposed Spanish Law Would Make Online Calls For Street Demonstrations, And Circulating Riot Images, Illegal - awful

Li talks of hub to funnel exports into Europe - "We hope to sell a lot of Polish food to #China" (v @ChinaBizWatch)

The #Snowden Effect: 750 Million People Have Taken Steps to Avoid Surveillance - good work; only 6 billion to go...

External traffic to Spanish news sites plummets after Google move - surprise - not... #copyright

Cameron claims public was “fed up” with onshore windfarms - actually, they're fed up with #fracking FUD &bullying

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