Thursday, 11 December 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 141210 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page

‘Dark web’: GCHQ and NCA join forces in hunt for child abuse - Cameron trying to salvage GCHQ's tarnished reputation

Google News Spain to close in response to story links 'tax' - how long before publishers start screaming in pain?

Google News #Spain to close in response to 'tax' on story links - how long before publishers start screaming in pain?

Disclose climate risk in fossil fuel investments, says UK minister - #strandedassets must be revealed

"if human beings ought to be free & could not be owned, then ideas ought to be free and could not be owned either." -

#Opendata roadmap for the UK - 2015 - " steps the government can take to continue to drive progress"

Newfoundland threatens to pull support for Canada-EU trade deal - more problems for #CETA

"Failure to tackle drug-resistant infections will cost the global economy up to $100tn" - selfish farming a big part

Google Pulls Out The Nuclear Option: Shuts Down Google News In Spain Over Ridiculous Copyright Law - daft #spain

EU Work Programme 2015: huge challenges for #digitalrights - @edri needs help to help you:

Cameron says UK intelligence only discussed influencing torture report on the grounds of national security - riiiight

#TTIP #CETA Lets troll it!  #31c3 workshop -! "Let's try to analyse pro TTIP and pro CETA propaganda"

Diskussionspapier der deutschen Bisch√∂fe zur  #TTIP & zum #CETA - "ethisch fragwurdig" (V @Liese_Mueller)

Great Barrier Reef: #Australia sends diplomats out to defend its actions - defend the reef, not your actions, fools

#Monsanto is suing the state of Vermont to block labeling of GMO foods - I've just donated to help fight

"Axing environmental legislation is not ‘better regulation’ it is ideologically-biased sop 2 polluting lobbies" - #EU

Suncor Energy: Don't destroy #Canada's most important river - "dump toxic, untreated tailings into Athabasca River"

French & Irish parliaments call for recognition of Palestinian state - recognition of #Palestine becoming inevitable

Sprouting feathers and lost teeth: scientists map the evolution of birds - fab science #genomics

48 Civil Society Groups Demand Public Release of #TPP Agreement Text - long overdue: what have they got to hide?

Eastern Europe against #TTIP Trojan Horse - important development: TTIP will devastate #agriculture in this region

European Commission’s Proposed Changes to #ISDS Language Mirror Past Failed U.S. Attempts to “Fix” ISDS Provisions -

One Proposed European Commission #CETA Modification Would Enhance #ISDS Threats - ISDS must come out of CETA

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