Thursday, 11 December 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 141209 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page

"proponents of #TTIP & #CETA are totally on the defensive" - "Resistance is growing" (v @Andrewsharp1 @marcuschown)

Minister Davey: Stand Strong on 0 Carbon - #COP20

Canada's Strict New Anti-Corruption Rules Might Lead To Yet More Corporate Sovereignty Lawsuits Against It - #ISDS

Save the Date - 10 December 2014: The Broadcasting Treaty: A Solution in Search of a Problem? -

Personal data protection is a 'fundamental right' in Europe - #TTIP take note... #privacy

Germany hopes to ‘beat China with CETA’ in race for raw materials - what a pathetic justification for disastrous ISDS

NB: "In the end, data flows will have to come onto the table. #TTIP cannot be agreed before that happens" - #privacy

"I was an interrogator at Abu Ghraib. I tortured." - "I assure you there is more; much remains redacted."

Let's Encrypt - and Fix HTTPS While We're At It - - Web #encryption is a good idea, but it's currently broken

MT @daniel_hart18 SMEs can report 2 #TTIP negotiators concerns & requests, an incredible innovation>>but 500 million members of public can't

Weather Man - fabulous pix (v @NataliaAntonova)

May: data law could have helped catch more paedophiles - so could installing CCTV in every home: want that too?

new report: #TTIP - A recipe for disaster - why #TTIP will be awful for food, farmers, animals & the countryside

wow:@timberners_lee originally wanted to call Web sites "psychohistory" - #asimov

Youku Tudou, One Of China’s Leading Streaming Video Sites, Launches Its First Hardware Line - significant move

Suspicionless mass surveillance: EU Commission is working on a new data retention directive - not good

Advertising Industry to Sue AdBlock Plus - interesting, detailed analysis of EU situation

MT @TTIPBeware "almost impossible to go to a #TTIP conference without chicken coming up!" says @USTradeRep #TTIPFood >>not literally, I hope

"cannot be special legal tribunals to resolve corporate disputes, while millions of working families suffer." - #TPP

Raju to Remain Free! - a rare happy ending; let's strive to create more #endanimalcruelty

Former CIA Director Hayden: We Didn't Lie About Interrogation Program. Torture Report: Yeah, You Did. REPEATEDLY. -

European @politico coming in 2015 - great: they can write lots about #TTIP, currently ignored by English press

Urgent: Stop the Illegal Export and Sale of Wild Baby Elephants, Lion Cubs and Sable Antelope - appalling

Profiting Massively From Torture: Designers Of CIA Torture Program Raked In $81 Million (& Still Getting Money) -

aren't restricted - they really hate the environment

Free Bassel - "cc Syria lead Bassel Khartabil has been in prison for 1000 days"

Who are the sick bastards violently killing dolphins in the Northern Gulf of Mexico? - "pregnant bottlenose dolphin"

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