Friday, 5 December 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 141203 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page

Self-organised European citizens’ initiative against #TTIP & #CETA tops a million signatures in record time - yay

.@Nature's fauxpen access leaves me very sad and very angry. - @petermurrayrust is angry - and eloquent

A million sign petition against EU-US trade talks - so big, even @BBCNews was forced to write about it... #TTIP

#ISDS has already cost #EU €3bn, likely cost €30bn once all claims settled - remember: it's the public that pays

The hidden cost of EU trade deals - hugely important study presenting hard facts about #ISDS for 1st time #TTIP #CETA

Administration's Review Of Pentagon's 1033 Program Finds It Has No Rules, No Transparency And No Oversight - great

Activist MEPs put #tarsands 'dirty label' back on the agenda - huge kudos to them after @EU_Commission's betrayal

sad to see that @MalmstromEU is happy to talk with lobbyists about #TTIP, but never with EU public - #transparency

Congressional Financial Services Committee leaders: Exclude #ISDS from #TTIP - See more at: everyone is saying it

In suspense about the European Patent Office? You're not the only one - #EPO in meltdown? fit to run #UnitaryPatent?

TTIP Update XLIV - exploring more #ISDS dangers in #CETA and #TTIP - & in EU-#Singapore FTA #EUSFTA

Netzneutralität: Merkel plädiert für "Spezialdienste" im Internet - this is bad: she's been taken in by telecom's FUD

FBI Seizes 20 Boxes Of Documents Related To Los Angeles School District's $1.3 Billion iPad Program -

Freihandelsabkommen #TTIP, #TiSA und #CETA schränken kommunale Demokratie ein - death of the #commons

Seeking new Executive Director at #OpenKnowledge - anyone want this job?

Osborne’s spending cuts will change state ‘beyond recognition’, says IFS - the plan all along, of course #austerity

NYPD Baffled By Tech Advances Like Laptops And WiFi - poor dears...

Authors Guild Argues That Google Books Should Be Infringing Because Aaron Swartz - huh???

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