Thursday, 4 December 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 141202 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page

Yeb Saño, vocal critic of west, dropped from Lima climate talks - disgraceful if due to Western bullying

Producers of good food and farming practices need to keep a keen eye on the #TTIP  talks - conference, 10 December

Like The NSA And GCHQ, Germany's Foreign Intelligence Agency Uses A Legal Loophole To Spy On Its Own Citizens - #BND

Fossil fuels receive €439 billion in subsidies - not just absurd, suicidal

UK police arrest man built anti-immigrant nail-bomb, decline to press terrorism charges - #doublestandards much?

Strange Bedfellows Are Blocking The McConnell-Obama Trade Deal - intriguing analysis #TPP #TTIP

Civil Society Files Opposition To #Monsanto Climate-Related Soybean Patent - #EPO's pernicious influence again

.@nytimes: When Corporations Sue Governments - #ISDS "like playing soccer on half the field" #TTIP #TAFTA #TPP

Canada – EU Data Sharing Agreement Sent to EU Court of Justice for Review - "delayed by at least 1 to 3 years"

Medical tourism generates millions for #NHS and wider economy, finds study - oh look: Jeremy Hunt exactly wrong

#ISDS  in Europe - "if it is left in, a great deal more of global FDI flows will suddenly be covered by ISDS." #TTIP

The Repeated Failure Of The US And UK Governments' 'Add More Hay' Approach To #Surveillance - so do something else

Trade Commissioner & Parliament: A Vital Relationship - oh look: cars cited again - 'cos main area #TTIP makes sense

Tibetan singer convicted in Sichuan after taking part in concerts encouraging people to learn Tibetan - awful #china

Help save the red gum trees of #Australia from logging companies - more signatures needed

Supporting justice and DNA forensics in #Guatemala: FAFG's “No More Missing“ campaign -

It has arrived: DJ Earworm's epic mashup of 2014's biggest pop songs - amazing, as ever

Stop #TTIP and #CETA petition just tipped over the million signatures mark - well done; now let's go for 2,000,000...

NYPD says #WeHearYou as cop avoids charges; tweet promptly backfires - tin ear much?

430 Billion Web Pages Saved….Help Us Do More! - @brewster_kahle is a hero

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