Monday, 1 December 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 141130 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page

Chaos Computer Club profitiert vom „Snowden-Effekt“ - nice profile of an influential group #ccc

.@MalmstromEU:"Erstens wird TTIP neue... Arbeitspl√§tze schaffen" - no: EU's own forecast does not show that at all

.@MalmstromEU:"1400 [ISDS] Abkommen haben die EU-Mitgliedstaaten mit Drittstaaten abgeschlossen" - but not with US & its litigious cos.

.@MalmstromEU:"Im #CETA, haben wir das [#ISDS] grundlegend reformiert & klar eingegrenzt": sorry, simply not true -

The Impact of #TTIP on Biofuel and Feedstock Markets - "limited net welfare gains with most reaped by #Brazil"

What if #TTIP fails? - "opposition is truly leaving the TTIP negotiations hanging in the balance" (v @snlester)#ISDS

Stop #TTIP and #CETA petition at an amazing 981,041 signatures - let's make it a million

Music Publishers With Help From Rightscorp Test Legal Theory That DMCA Requires Kicking Repeat Infringers Off Net -

Eircode could become next Irish Water - what a fiasco: €16m for non-sequential postcodes /cc @glinner

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