Wednesday, 28 May 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 140526 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

#ISDS: trojan horse clause giving more power to companies - excellent summary (v @olivierhoedeman @ShmaeganM)#TTIP

Biotech lobby's fingerprints over new EU proposal to allow national GMO bans - backdoor deals against public interest

Blair urges Labour to take on Ukip over immigration and EU - worrying: I find myself agreeing with Blair...

#Privacy under attack: the #NSA files revealed new threats to democracy - long, deep essay by Eben Moglen; superb

Marine Le Pen: "I also demand that  France halts the transatlantic treaty" - #TTIP/#TAFTA in the new #EU

Creative Destruction: The Trans-Pacific Partnership, Jobs, and Labor Rights - good analysis of important aspect #TPP

Microsoft's China Syndrome - has Middle Kingdom delivered the death blow for Microsoft's desktop dominance? #linux

Schneier: #Snowden's Leaks Have Actually Made It Easier 2 Crack Terrorists' Encrypted Messages - interesting argument

China demands halt to 'unscrupulous' US cyber-spying - hilarious...

GMO Grass: Coming to a Lawn Near You? - #monsanto wants a patent on your lawn:  what a spectacularly stupid idea...

Danes support EU patent court in referendum - here come the software patent trolls... #dk

Auch nach der EU-Wahl: Bürger/in is watching you! - well spotted: #ISDS must come out of #CETA, too #TTIP

some interesting dox regarding #copyright industries' pushback against UK copyright exceptions - obtained via #ROI

Discussion with Richard Stallman about Surveillance, the Future of Internet, Life, the Universe & Everything - #RMS

No TTIP! national tour & day of action - great to see @WarOnWant joining the fight against #TAFTA/#TTIP

here's @WarOnWant's booklet on #TTIP - also available in French, German, Greek and Italian #TAFTA

What’s behind this trade deal? - good summary of UK trade unions' position on #TTIP

When Europe needs a woman (for European Commission president) - gets my vote...oh wait, I don't have a vote... #EU

EU-US free trade talks under fire from filmmakers - does anyone like #TAFTA/#TTIP other than corporations?

BuenConocer Summit Designing public policies for a #commons oriented society - fascinating, ambitious project #freesw

Biotech companies may have legal say in #EU GM crop bans - "an affront to democracy" #monsanto

What If the Democratic Response to #Snowden Is to Expand Surveillance? - deranged but possible

'modernized' US poultry industry: process 175 birds a minute, add chlorine, don't watch closely - NB for #TAFTA/#TTIP

XKeyscore beim deutschen In- und Auslandsgeheimdienst - #snowden #nsa

Make Sure GM Companies Don't Call the Shots About Their Own Products - insane & insulting #EU

Do Personal Computers Come With #NSA Surveillance Devices Built-In As Standard? - think that's crazy? think again...

Is your bank financing deforestation? - "stop providing all financial services until Wilmar ceases its deforestation"

More news of #EPO unrest reaches the IPKat - & this the outfit that will run EU's new patent system... #disaster

 EU Council Agrees Approach For New Legal Framework On #TradeSecrets - dangerous shift

Meet the Man Hired to Make Sure the Snowden Docs Aren't Hacked - something I'd wondered about...

#TAFTA/#TTIP under fire from filmmakers - "US has ¨shown interest in a number of areas of EU audiovisual policy.¨

#TPP looking less attractive for NZ - "Fading chance of wider dairy access in US and Japan"

"fringe groups could pose a danger to key pieces of EU legislation — particularly #TAFTA/#TTIP" - oh yes (v @PCGTW)

British influence will wane in new EU Parliament - bad news for Brits, great news for Europeans...

UK Home Office's terrorist detection checklist - at least they know what "demeanour" means...

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