Wednesday, 7 May 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 140506 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

video of my talk at re:publica 2014 yesterday on #TTIP & why the numbers just don't add up - #rp14

Letter to USTR from Eleven U.S. Civil Society Groups on Pharmaceuticals and the #TPP -

 some miscellaneous TAFTA / #TTIP links -

man-in-the-middle attack on the EP Wi-Fi - interesting....

WTO taps South African ex-minister to judge tobacco dispute - this shouldn't even be an issue

Canada-EU trade deal: Trojan horse for contested ISDS? - exactly right; why #ISDS must come out of #CETA

Biden, Goodlatte Preach To The IP Maximalist Choir, Vow To Make 'Second-Rate' Countries Bend To US IP Laws -

TTIP und die Magie der Zahlen - @campact & its amazing petition against #TTIP

.@baskut08 my talk at #rp14 used figures you mentioned - re:publica 2014 - TTIP - Closed shop agreement in times... @campact have now picked up on them:

NSA Reform: Do You Support The Lesser Of Two Evils, Or Hope For Something Better? - tricky

US Government Praises Italy For Implementing SOPA Features The US Public Vehemently Rejected -

Save The Greek Seashore - insane: this will destroy Greek tourism - why go to see ugly concrete? (v @asteris)

#Brazil's 'chainsaw queen' takes on environmentalists - what a sad, sick individual

How US Gov't Destroyed The Lives Of A Muslim American Man's Entire Family After He Refused To Become An Informant -

 Chinese e-commerce giant #Alibaba files for $1 billion IPO in the US - sign of the times #china

Getting patents is preposterously easy under Obama - just crazy

Richard Stallman Answers Your Questions - characteristic but interesting replies from the indispensable RMS

ARM: The $20 smartphone will be possible “in the next few months” - only free software makes sense here

EU softens stance on Canada’s oil sands as relations with Russia sour - absurdly short-sighted (v @StuJT)#tarsands

Emails reveal close Google relationship with NSA - significantly, not from #snowden #whistleblowers

Drei Irrtümer über #TTIP - rubbish arguments: I expected better from @SZ (v @EU_TTIP_team)

video of my talk at re:publica 2014 yesterday on #TTIP & why the numbers just don't add up -

Danish software patents: to be or not to be? - #cc-by slides from my talk last week in Copenhagen #eu #swpats #dk

How Many Times A Day Do You Violate #Copyright Laws Without Even Realizing It - you know the answer...lots

Publisher '#DRMs' Physical Legal Textbook About 'Property,' Undermines Property And First Sale Concepts - such greed

.@Stanford to Purge $18 Billion Endowment of #Coal Stock - huge #disinvestment win: who's next? (v @EllnMllr)

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