Wednesday, 21 May 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 140520 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

European bison returns to rewild #Romania's remote valleys - exciting; when do we get some in Surrey?

Green party support is surging – but the media prefer to talk about Ukip - another journalistic failure in the UK

Brussels: Water cannons turned on anti-#TTIP protesters fighting the Son of #ACTA - "ruthlessly crushing all protest"

Brussels: Water cannons turned on anti-#TTIP protesters fighting the Son of #ACTA - "ruthlessly crushing all protest"

 Pan-EU civil society coalition rejects #TTIP process - great to see more of these coming through

EU Ombudsman worried over lack of transparency at medicines agency - @EMA_News is a disgrace #opendata

Big 10 food companies emit ‘as much as 25th most polluting country’ - good

"#TTIP resembles #ACTA shambling out of its grave and yelling for brains." - what a fab image

Georgia To Protect Execution Pharmacists From Transparency So They Can Execute Disabled Man - truly sick

Daredevils over Dubai - in pictures - after viewing these, I think I need to lie down for a while...

Who is lying, Commissioner De Gucht? - great point by @yjadot: nearly everything is negotiable during #TTIP talks

Hvad koster det os at deltage i patentdomstolen? - good question; answers: too much #denmark #UnitaryPatent

Rapport får Polen til at droppe patentdomstol - very wise move #denmark #poland #UnitaryPatent

DF: Dansk patent-ja er som at underskrive en blankocheck - exactly; say "no", #denmark #UnitaryPatent

Sites to Be Blocked in Russia, Even if They Remove Pirate Content - #russia loses its mind...

Proponents push back as #TTIP enters 5th round - great summary of how the resistance to #TAFTA is growing everywhere

Warren on #TPP/#TTIP: "have to be secret, because if American people knew what was in them, they would be opposed" -

Stop @NaturalEngland from giving people the right to kill robins and destroy their nests and eggs -

As Feared: House Guts USA Freedom Act, Every Civil Liberties Organization Pulls Their Support - sadly predictable

Feinstein (Again) Says #Metadata Program 'Is Not Surveillance' - this woman is just clueless #NSA

Groups Warn #TTIP Threatens Important Safeguards - "Corporations want #TAFTA to provide them with special powers"

Choosing between Europe and the #TTIP [pdf] - ex-Deputy Director-General in EU's DG Trade is sceptical about #TAFTA

Seeds of Change - about the Open Source Seed Initiative in case you missed it earlier

The End Of Maximalist #Copyright? - surprisingly upbeat analysis of future prospects

#NSA "free to spy on European or Asian trade negotiators & use the results to help US trade officials" - #TTIP #TPP

Researchers Retract Academic Paper Because Company Complains The Results Hurt Its Profits - sounds legit

Big pharma market forces won't save us from superbugs - "means transforming pharma into public goods producers"

Klinische Studien: Europäische Arzneimittelbehörde gefährdet eigene Transparenzziele - eine Schande @EMA_News

#Snowden Ran A Major Tor Exit Relay, Hosted CryptoParty In Hawaii While Waiting For Greenwald To Reply - sweet, no?

Trade Deals That Threaten Democracy - strong document against #TTIP & #TPP from international trade unions @IUFglobal

#TTIP must work for the people, or it won’t work at all - "Trade policy for the privileged few must end"

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