Monday, 5 May 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 140504 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Challenge to plain tobacco packaging is crucial test for trade rules - shameful this is even a question #ISDS

wow, Germany's @ARDde just ran a multi-minute segment on #TTIP that was very well-informed - kudos; DE Finance Minister repeated: no #ISDS

here's a link to @ARDde's excellent coverage of #TTIP - analysis and interviews - great stuff #de #rp14

good point by Sigmar Gabriel: democracy requires political decisions to be reversible: #ISDS blocks that, so is deeply anti-democratic #TTIP

The anti-localization agenda in #TTIP - "Trading away localization in TTIP"

interesting that Froman starts talking about the Regulatory Council that will allow businesses to kill regulations that would reduce profits

wow, I just  cannot believe how Froman is re-writing history here -,did=636420.html what he says is just not true, time & again

"TTIP ist ein echter Ladenhüter. Brauchen wir nicht. Wollen wir nicht. Kaufen wir nicht." -

the great thing about De Gucht's pitch for #TTIP is that it is so utterly dull even his supporters must be groaning,did=636420.html

it's also such a giveaway that the car industry is wheeled out every time as the example of who would benefit: no other, Mr De Gucht? #TTIP

De Gucht: says #TTIP is more transparent than the totally untransparent ones in the past: setting a very low bar, there, mate...

De Gucht mention three consultations for TTIP - that weren't publicised anywhere - I never heard about it, nor did anyone

En Paca, la fronde anti Tafta s’organise - you ain't seen nothing yet, Mr De Gucht... #TTIP

De Gucht is certainly our secret weapon - he's is so awful when he gives speeches....maybe he's a mole #TTIP

We risk disaster if drugs giants don't invest in research - & they won't because profits before people

 Nigeria: Protestführerin gegen Mädchenkidnapping verhaftet - incredible...

Accord de libre échange UE – Canada : Nouvelles menaces sur les semences - seeds under threat from #CETA

De Gucht says we can't have transparency in #TTIP because...there's never been transparency previously - how pathetic can you get?

Froman of course has no answer as to why he can't work more transparently - ignores issues of publishing tabled documents... #TTIP

Froman says people will have "ample opportunity" to comment on #TTIP - but only when nothing can be changed...

important: Froman points out #CETA has #ISDS, so says #TTIP should have it too. means ISDS must come out of CETA as well...

and the reason CETA has ISDS is that we didn't know what was in it, and people  didn't understand the dangers of ISDS

Polio Spreading at Alarming Rates, WHO Declares - sadly, looks like it's on its way back (v @carlzimmer)

Welcome to Britain, the new land of impunity - good analysis of shameful situation

Trading away localization in #TTIP [pdf] - analysis of important leak concerning corporate attack on localisation

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