Thursday, 22 May 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 140521 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

US Officials Cut Estimate of Recoverable Monterey Shale Oil By 96% - #tarsands just another south sea (carbon) bubble

Miljöpartiets toppkandidat Isabella Lövin (MP) ljög om Gallo-rapporten och fildelningen - #se

#TTIP: EU-Kommissar fürchtet Wirtschaftsspionage der USA - " De Gucht wollte wissen, ob er selbst ausgehorcht wurde"

UK #Greens eye big gains as EU election booths open in Britain - has their time come?

#Antibiotic resistance in farm animals 'threatened by UK cuts' - stupid short-termism again

.@eBay buries its own advisory to change passwords following database hack - disgraceful

Priority investors made at least £98m selling @RoyalMail shares in its first six days of trading - "long-term"? pah

The #NSA is Not Made of Magic - "it's just better-funded."

 May21 Infant Formula Corporations Have Violated WHO Marketing Standards for 33 Years - why they can't be trusted

"Wir sind der universelle Sündenbock" - yes, because you are selling something with no real benefits for public #TTIP

Es war einmal … die schönsten Märchen über #TTIP - "dasselbe winzige Wachstum durch TTIP: 0,04 Prozent pro Jahr."

EPA "compelled to allow 22,000 chemicals onto market without evaluating their safety" - mutual recognition in #TTIP?

Newegg Given The Go Ahead To Pursue 'Douche Bag' Patent Troll For Fees - more of this, please

Speaking against the European patent court - which will be a disaster for many reasons #UPC #dk #NejiMaj

#China Plans Security Checks for Tech Firms After U.S. Indictments - surprised this not already being done #nsa

Rostock: Rektor will #Snowden doch nicht zum Ehrendoktor machen - this will end in tears...

Brüsseler Diplomatenkreise: Transatlantisches Datenschutz-Abkommen wird zur Farce - pathetic

Broad Pan-EU civil society coalition rejects #TTIP process - #TTIP has certainly lost the battle for hearts & minds

Mainstream media silence on investor-state dispute settlements in the #TPP - same for #TTIP here in UK - useless

Doctor who testified for chemical-industry front group gives up his license -,0,6256782.story what a sad wretch (v @BoingBoing)

#Sweden to sue EU for delay on hormone disrupting chemicals @EU_Commission already watering down stds cos of #TTIP

„Der Kampf gegen #TTIP ist noch lange nicht gewonnen.“ -!138918/ „Wir brauchen einen langen Atem.“  (v @erikwesselius)

European Milk Board rejects #TTIP agreement - significant: even industry starting to turn agaisnt it #dairy

Wyoming drafts bill to reintroduce firing squads for executions - US following China's lead on human rights again?

Pale Moon: #Firefox Without #DRM, Interface Breakage - first of many, no doubt

The beginning of the Authors Alliance - wonder what will come of this? #copyright

Uri Geller has a huge spoon gorilla - why, so he does... #cutlery

UK FCO cancels court hearing and promises complete information on EU #transparency negotiations - it's a trick...

What Has the @cabinetofficeuk Got to Hide about #Microsoft? - … why won't it answer my overdue #FOI request?

 4 open resources to discover Old English literature - what? #linguistics

Open Source Chief at Redhat Hit With Bogus Copyright Claims - more proof #copyright is broken

Act now, or face catastrophic post-antibiotic era - doesn't even bear thinking about...

Gabriel may seek billions in arbitration over stalled Romanian mine - more #ISDS bullying #romania

'TPP not in 'Australia’s interest, say community organisations  - just big business's interest, actually..

178 Groups Demand Answers About #TTIP’s Climate Impact - greeted by silence...

#ITUC delegates give a resounding “No” to #TPP - great: so what are they going to do about it?

Vimeo Pressured Into Setting Up Its Own Content ID - "another step towards permission culture" #copyright

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