Friday, 16 May 2014


 Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 140514 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

#FSF condemns partnership between #Mozilla and Adobe to support Digital Restrictions Management - excellent points

Stop the Corporate Takeover of Africa's Food - #monsanto is the last thing it needs...

Automattic (Wordpress) States Explicitly That It Won't Claim Copyright Over Its APIs - good for them...

Top Arbitration Lawyer Says Corporate Sovereignty System Needs 'Complete Overhaul' - #ISDS is a disaster #TPP #TTIP

Freihandelsabkommen #TTIP: Verbraucherminister Maas will deutsche Standards durchsetzen - won't see that in UK...

#TTIP sails into new round, despite rough waters - Merkel recently referred to "late" 2015" - let's make that 2016

Orca Identified As 103 Years Old - another reason to ban their cruel captivity #SeaWorld

EU set to overshoot 2020 climate goals, split over 2030 - great news, aim high

Licensing of Open Data in EU Member States - important questionnaire for #opendata fans

David Miranda allowed to appeal against ruling on Heathrow detention - good news #snowden

UK government conducting secret #badger sett-gassing trials - Paterson is such repellent individual

IPCC reports 'diluted' under 'political pressure' to protect fossil fuel interests - of course (V @DrRimmer)

#TTIP: 'Up to 100' Arrested in Belgian Anti-Treaty Protests - they've learnt nothing from #ACTA (v @andrea_licata)

Of Trust, The #NSA, And Poisoning The Banquet - from the "nobus" department... #snowden

EU-US clash over financial services in #TTIP - "hardly any chance [they] will be included" (v @Liese_Mueller)#whoops

Προσοχή! Προσεχώς #DRM στο Firefox - #mozilla

DOJ Says Americans Have No 4th Amendment Protections At All When They Communicate With Foreigners - ORLY?

Wheeler speaks with forked tongue - "Nauseating but true: the FCC voted today to allow the creation of ‘fast lanes’ "

2nd Anniversary of Colombia Pact Spotlights Failed Promise of Labor Rights Improvements, Now Recycled to Defend TPP -

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