Sunday, 29 November 2015


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 151128 -  yesterday's tweets as a single page

Cats, Chickens & Elephants - best piece about implications of Schrems ruling so far (@juliapowles @StevePeers)

#TTIP: "fear that interests of multinationals are being put before those of citizens" - "will not be agreed soon"

Draft Investigatory Powers Bill: Call for evidence - importat: pl. sharpen those digital pencils soon #IPBill Founder Launches Radio Search Service, Talks Copyright - the ever-interesting @mp3michael

#TTIP’s Regulatory Cooperation And The Politics Of ‘Learning’ - important analysis of "regulatory cooperation"

New Circular Economy Package ‘less ambitious’ than axed predecessor - @TimmermansEU's betrayal revealed as expected

EFSA and Member States vs. IARC on #Glyphosate: Has Science Won? - @EFSA_EU's use of secret data is not scientific

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