Wednesday, 25 November 2015


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 151124 -  yesterday's tweets as a single page

l’analisi tenta di inquadrare le dimensioni del fenomeno #ISDS - useful backgrounder in Italian #it

Victory in Germany: court rules in favor of the Wikimedia Foundation - common sense prevails

Leaked recording: pollution lobbyists discuss exploiting Syrian refugee crisis - scum

Russian judge shuts down scientology - others please follow

TPP Set to Worsen Food Insecurity in Mexico - nothing for the public but pain #mx

3 Ways the #TPP Will Hurt the Climate—If We Let It Pass - disgraceful betrayal

Trade laws undo local progress on food systems - going backwards #TPP

Strategies for success in the ivory war - good news from Kenya; let's apply it elsewhere if possible

EU-Japan FTA: Why negotiations are far from over - #japan wants old #ISDS - 'cos it knows it can use it against EU

Chinese Company Learns From The West: Builds Up Big Patent Portfolio, Uses It To Sue Apple In China - had to happen

"This is what Cameron said at the start of PMQs about Chris Martin" - nice tribute from Cameron to his Principal PPS

Shipping and aviation emissions are the two elephants in the room - must be included in #COP21 agreement

European Patent Office Threatens Blogger With Defamation Lawsuit For Criticism - #EPO losing it completely

The incredible plan to make money grow on trees - let's hope it works... #REDD+

Wolves return to Poland more than 50 years after being wiped out - exciting; need some in UK too...

Challengers vow to publish Anne Frank diaries as foundation moves to keep control of copyright - ah, #copyright

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